More specific mantra and something really weird

This night I have achieved 2nd lucid dream. I was at the top of skyscraper in big city looking for some terrorist. my hand pinched my nose yet i breathed so i became lucid. The dream was much longer than first one. i rubbed my hands to prevent it fading but eventually i had to give in after few successful attempts in increasing lucidity. the weird thing is that before the dream i woke up in night and fell straight back to sleep, as soon as i closed my eyes dream started forming! it was like increasing brightness on TV from 0 to 100. it took like 15 seconds and i was in dream. And I achieved the dream by saying mantra that I’m going to do an RC in it, instead of just saying i was going to be aware. i guess this was more comprehensible for my little mind.

The question is, why I entered dream so quickly, as it would be great if i could repeat that! :happy:

lucky bastard xD 15 seconds its really fast

Leaving a sleep-state and re-entering it almost immediately afterwards increases your chances of having a lucid dream by like 500%…this is why quite a few people swear by the DEILD technique, let alone simply implement it.
Slipping into a dream that smoothly is a rare occurrence, but with practice, you can achieve it more easily. The real trick is remembering to actually fall asleep when waking up, I always wake up, open my eyes, get up, get dressed, then think “…****…”.

Keep practicing if you want that same clarity so quickly, jumping on an experience like this tends to yield better results than waiting for inspiration.