More vivid, less control

The more vivid lucid dreams are, the harder they are to control, they’re also alot more realistic, like weird things don’t happen like they do in normal dreams. Do vivid dreams get easier to control with practice or is it not that easy to change since it seems so real to our minds. Also does the level of lucidity change the amount of control you have in these dreams aswell? e.g, if you were fully lucid in a very vivid dream, would it be just as easy to control everything as it is in a normal dream?

I have not experienced that. I have always had lucid dreams that are easier to control when they are vivid.

When you say vivid you mean its so intense and so important it actually feels real? I can agree in a way, but they were never lucid,i just saw and remember whats happening. The thing is , there is a good feeling, like importance or something that has more meaning to it. I can’t even figure it out or the signigfance of the dream itself, but iwake up happy and more positive. Is that what you mean vivd, because if it is, I give you credit if you can actually make a diiference at that type of setting of a dream thats intense. Tell me what vivid means to you

What I mean is that everything is like real life, like you can see great detail in things just like you would in real life, and so you can see really clearly. Aswell as that vivid dreams are very realistic in the way that they don’t have weird things happening like you would in a normal dream, but instead everythings just normal like in real life.

If you’re in high-level lucid dream, there are no strange things happening because you are so confident that you’re dreaming. Subconcious doesn’t have room do to it’s tricks then.
You can have very realistic normal dreams and lucid dreams.
I think the vividness of the dream and the level of lucidity are not linked.

Level of lucidity and vividness are not linked, but I would say that as you become less lucid near the end of a dream Vividness and level of lucidity are linked, that is, as you lose lucidity the dream was become less vivid. But I have also had LDs (most) where many strange things still happen, but I am very aware of the surroundings and things seem real.

The level of detail and distinctness can be increased. I have tried looking at things to see how detailed they are and, of course, this makes them very detailed and distinct. I suppose you can’t really look at something in detail and see no detail. Things become defined as you examine them. I often appear in a dream which is rather vague, and then make it more defined. Of course things change and don’t fit together in a logical way, you get bits of detail amongst a vague background. It’s a bit like those medieval paintings which are not done in perspective but with the scene opened out to show different angles.

I agree that dreams sometimes become more vague as they start to fade away, although sometimes it just gets darker (entering an unlit building, going under trees, etc). The flip side of this is that a dream has to be quite coherent in the first place for DILD techniques to work. The chaotic dreams where you’re in several different rapidly shifting and rather cosmic scenarios at once, don’t tend to encourage critical thought.

It seems like you have no escape to reality, becasue your escape is reality. That sucks, my questions are : I you perfectionist? if you are maybe you are creating a world so real when you dream you can’t tell from reality and dreaming. So when you are dreaming thoughts like look at something or do something extra ordinary just to test if your dreaming fail b/c this world you have created has evolved past what you normally see. Are you a experince dreamer and expand further than normal??? Becasue this can be some kind of break through, or just another mistake??

I understand wat ur talking about (i thinks)
I’ve had only a couple of LD’s, one of which was the other day.
I was absolutely aware that i was dreamin, different to other LD’s i had, normally i kinda know im dreaming, but dont fully realise i can control the dream.
In the LD i had a while ago, i was completely aware i was dreaming, :cool_laugh: so i decided to try and will Jack White from the White Stripes into my house. But if just would not work :grrr: - so i understand what ur talking about with the whole vivid problem.


This is true for me as well Jabber. I can have LDs so vivid thay are hard to distinguish from reality. I can smell, taste, feel the texture of things, everything. I lose control a bit but I just use a little psychic ju jitsu, go with the flow that is. I let everything come as it will and try to pick my spots to exert control over things.