Morning Maybe Dreams.

Whenever i sleep in, i’ll often wake up in a sort of roundabout way. I become conscious, roll over to write in my dream journal (usually nodding off several times in the process), then roll back to a comfortable position, and think about whether or not i should wake up. My thoughts usually wander at this point, and sooner or later, i find myself imagining something, while unaware of my body. My imaginings usually flow along aimlessly, often making strange leaps that have no logical value whatsoever.
Sometimes these imaginings will take me to the point where i wonder, “Am i dreaming?”
Usually my thought then is that, no, i’m not dreaming, i’m awake and imagining things. Once i’ve thought that, i become aware of my body again. So i mentally sigh (too bad, i would be lucid if this were a dream), sometimes think about getting up again, and eventually slip back into thoughtless pondering.

So do these morning almost dreams actually count as dreams? Or are they day dreams? Or what?

i used to get these ‘morning maybe dreams’ little time ago, I think they are the dreams ‘being formed’ or the pre-dreams, it is like between imagining and dreaming but at the end they are still dreams, only that ‘light’ ones, yet you decide if they were dreams,
cuz dreams are basically ’ thoughts on steroids’ or better said ‘entering your thoughts’