Morphing/Transformation methods

This topic is meant for everyone to share their creativity in how you can morph/transform.

The common method is through verbal commands, so don’t list that one.

  1. Use a doorframe, a mirror, a door, anything you can walk through or enter, and when walked through/entered, transforms you.

  2. Enter a chamber of transformation/Transformator/Morpher, or a normal closet, cabinet or even a room.

  3. Make light shine upon you from the heavens, transforming you.

  4. Push a button.

  5. Dive into a deep lake or a pool, while underwater, transforming, or when getting out of the pool/lake, you are transformed.

  6. Take a shower.

  7. Ask a magician (Your Dream Guide, perhaps?)

  8. Drink anything, from potions to water.

  9. Silent command.

  10. Inject serum.

  11. Eat something.

  12. Perform magic.

  13. Throw a smoke grenade, creating a smokescreen to cover up the transformation. Magic can also be used. (Falls under the 12th category, though.)

  14. Get bitten or scratched, or generally attacked by what you wanna transform into.

  15. Materialize something to cover up your transformation, like a blanket thrown over you, a chamber, hide behind something, etc.

  16. Use rain, lightning, or an explosion/contagion, or genrally a substance of when you get in contact with, transforms you.

  17. Strike a dramatic specific pose, and transform.

  18. Get eaten and swallowed whole into a stomach (of anything) and morph inside there. (Falls under the “Cover Up” category.)

  19. Anything you do, like playing with a (cursed, perhaps?) controller, transforms you.

  20. Materialize an item that transforms you.

Look at a body part, and start transforming that. Think about how it would feel to be what you want to transform into. When you have one body part transformed (like an arm or something) then it’s easy to take one after another.

Lanina method is good. I transformed once into a skeleton by changing my hands first.

Another possible method:

  • exchange your role/ego with a DC.

Use a magical item or ‘relic’ to transform.

Use a magic scroll and read it aloud.

Maybe you could go out-of-your-body in the LD, have the physical-body you just came out of disappear, and then have yourself (astral) create a new physical-body and then go to it.

¿What do you think?

I’ve used the same technique as lanina to turn into a panther on several occasions. I find it helpful to concentrate on the look and feel of my body as it morphs. It may be worth while however to try some of the other techniques.

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Ooh, a panther! I usually change into a wolf. Even though I once met a werefox in a ND. But I’m pretty content with the wolf form for the moment, even though a cat would be cool too.

I just will it to happen just like everything else i do in LDs. As long as you have convinced yourself that you can control things it is just a matter of willing it for me.
But if you want another method you could create whatever you are trying to morph into right in front of it and then walk into it from behind, taking over its body.

More to come. :smile:

  1. Look at someone (or materialize what you wanna morph into) and then mindlessly morph into it.

  2. Touch an object, enter a “trance”, and thereafter, morph.

if you want to morph in a creature go to the zoo to see how they walk and move and when you dream you can simulate this. I watch things and when I see a difference between animals I can remember it. Nowadays I only have to hear 2 or 3 words from somebody and then I can have full conversation even if I haven’t spoken to them IRL. I once remember been in a dream as a fish and it was weird

  1. Sheer willpower, just will it to happen.

I might just have natural dream control (probably because I constantly try to will things to happen IRL) but it’s how I do everything in a LD, works absolutely fine for me.
Just remember everything in your LD happens because you willed it, not because you took some imaginary pill but because YOU willed it, you require nothing more than your own mind.

What about this:

Start moving and acting like the creature you want to turn into, and then just realize that… “Hey, my legs are so… hairy!!” If you wanted to turn into a creature with hairly legs that is.

:uh: well i guess you could use a jutsu.

(If you’ve seen Naruto you’ll know what I mean.)

What if you already are a creature with hairy legs? :razz:

take a pill that allows you to tranform into what you want.