Morrowind: Create your own dreamworld

Hey Dreamers,

I recently discovered a "old’ fantasy computer game called morrowind. this game is interesting, but the software inlcluded is even better: A construction kit! With this construction kit you can create new continents, buildings, oceans, trees, plants anything. After that you can load it into the game and move through your newly created world.

Check it out:

Google keyword: Morrowind


I don’t get what you mean.
You can create it on the PC but tt won’t be a dream however…

maybe you can save it in your mind and then play the world when you’re dreaming? :razz:

I assume he meant to create it firstly on the computer as an aid in visualization your future dream set.Its much easier this way if you can actually see what to dream about.
Additionally if you spend hours making such world theres a good chance youll end up dreaming youre in it:)

My brother loves that game… I’ve messed around with the construction part too. It’s pretty cool, and apparently the game is good as well. They have sequels to it and everything :grin:

I find a good visual aid for dream constructs is The Sims… I love using the editor to design homes for the fun of it… After playing several hours a day for a time, it does begin to grow in your dreams a bit…

Although it is very random, I’m more interested in studying the exact concentration or state of mind that makes something appear in your dreams or not.

Once figured out (and if possible). One would need simply to recreate that focus, state of mind, when doing something, and presumably that momeZó3õr object will appear in dreams…

Morrowind is a really awesome game.

kinda funny to find this.

i have always loved playing computer games where the user can alter how the game is played. i find that playing this game causes me to have a greater dream recall because when i play it, i feel totally emersed in the game.

in several dreams i have to date, i still see the morrowind style health bar in the corner of my field of vision.

even if your not a pro at creating your own worlds. there are three expansions, and many more user created plugins to download on the internet. quests, and character developement.

have fun.

OMG this is my fav game besides HALO, anyway i have it for PC and for xbox and the construction set takes hours just to figure out how to use, i never did, but this does sound like a good idea, as long as you made sure to think about this being your LD world and doing RCs constantly it should work, if you can figure it out.

Er.Where do you get the building thing? xD

It comes with the pc version, i’m not sure if it comes with the game of the year edition, but it does come with the original.