Most beautiful Word?

Post what you think the Most Beautiful Word is, and maybe why. Maybe it has some background to it even?

When I was ten to twelve, I used to think it was “sapphire”. No particular reason, I just liked the word.

Now I like “queen”, “ebony” and “mahogany”. I know there are others, but I can’t think of them at the moment.

You mean, like The Sapphire Palace? :tongue: It’s only too bad that I’ve changed the name. :grin:

For some reason, I like the word, “key.” I don’t think of it as the most beautiful word, so I may have to do some more thinking on that one.

Hmm, I think I’d like to go with Caeruleus, the Latin word for blue.

Kay-roo-lee-us, or something like that. I find that the word has a nice ring to it, although I’ve never even had to say it out loud. After all, there isn’t much of a reason, since it’s a Latin word, anyway. :roll:

Although I don’t know why, the word, “epiphany” has come to mind. I suppose that’s a good word, too.

Kim :content:

At least, that’s the most beautiful name to me :smile:

(Okay, if I didn’t feel obligated to say that, I’d say, “Bonne Jenet”–but only 'cause it’s really fun and sexy to say with with a quasi-French accent with my head cocked to one side and one eyebrow raised :content:)

But those are names…if I was to choose a word, I’d say :uh: um…anything that’s said by a female :grin: Especially, “Huey…” But that’s a name again…how about :uh: that sound that one girl makes at the end of those Tag bodyspray commercials :smile:

Okay, no really, um…“melancholoy.” But again, only if a female says it (specifically in a detached, sigh-ful, kinda dreamy-like way :shy: )

I love saying “dodecahedron” in English. I don’t know why it’s just fun.
But I prefer the Japanese formal good-morning. I love saying Ohayo Gozaimasu! Go on, learn how to pronounce japanese vowels and say it yourself!

Most people will think I’m crazy, but I actually have a document of favorite words which now totals 123. Obviously, I just can’t choose a favorite. Instead, I enjoy recording every word that sounds nice or means something to me. :grin:

Some quick examples: clarity, pavilion, iridescence, lackadaisical, blasphemy, frivolity, semblance, deluge…

I love the word “Ithil”, the Sindarin for “Moon”, even if I have yet to learn how to pronounce it without spitting. I don’t know why but I’ve always liked to hear Elves speak.

I think the most beautyfull word, is “Meloncholy”. I know its means depressed, and maybie thats one reason why its so beautyfull. It allso rolls off your tuong. Say it a few times. Its a classy word… Meloncholy.

Thats amazing, Im not the only one who thinks it, I thought I was the only one.
I spelled my favorite word wrong

I go with Cellardoor ha. if you say it as one word instead of two seperate words, and just focus on the sound of the word then… I think it sounds great. haha

My most hated word is… “cigarett”, its the dumbest word in all of history

I would also go with Mother only because its been voted the most beautiful word in the english language. Thats coming from other countries though.

“Cellar Door” :smile: (Donnie Darko fans will recognize this…)

My favorite words, not of its meaning, but just the way it sounds : Languid

I’d like to go with “twilight.” There’s just something about that word that strikes something within me.

“Inhale”, as dumb as it may sound normally, can have a cool sound if you speak it with an evil voice. INHALEEEEE!

Try it :smile:

:rofl: You are right, when i first read that i was like "waht is he talking about!! :tongue: "

But i tried it in an evil voice, and that sounds awesome!! lol


I am a self-confessed linguiholic (linguaholic? I don’t bother myself with those petty distinctions), and keep an “idea dump” .rtf file open at all times where I crap out all my passing thoughts, which includes nice words.

At the moment the most beautiful word for me is effloresce / efflorescence, the former of which means “to bloom.”

Other ones that strike my fancy: automaton, guttersnipe, panoply, ichor, somniloquent, luminant, perspicacity, janissary, diaphanous, and quintessence.

My favorite word has always been ‘Today’. I’m not sure why but the word seems to carry significance and for some reason is very stimulating for me to read/look at.

Soçobrar, from Brazillian Portuguese, to sink or wrek (said of ships, the Sun when it’s setting, emotions and pretty much anything).

Moleque, also from Brazillian Portuguese (African roots), a boy, a dude, a lad.

Blasphemy, English, Sno posted it and I said it out loud and decided it does sound good.

Sucesso, from Portuguese, success.

Couro, from Portuguese, leather (also said in Brazillian of one’s skin).

Ouro, from Portuguese, gold.

Névoa, from Portuguese, fog, mist.

Ok, I like any word that figures in this poem (written by my friend Marina as a gift to me, an honour for it’s one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever seen):

When I was in middle school, I used to think it was really fun to say “butt beads”. A beautiful word, in my opinion, is Jezebel. If I ever have a daughter, I will name her Jezebel.