most dreams

just a quick question, what is the most dreams that anyone has ever had in one night? both ld and non ld, oh and without drugs and stuff.

oh and by the way, mine is 8, as of last night, which got me thinking about this topic :cool_laugh:

Just recently during a particularly unsettled night, I recorded 7 seperate dreams. I woke up many times during that night. You know those nights that you have that seem like one big adventure, because you woke up so many times that you couldn’t even remember which parts of it you were asleep and which parts of it you were awake?

I love those nights. So surreal.

I think it is possible to have 8+ dreams. I personally in the morning have like 3 dreams. When i wake up and then doze off, i immediately start dreaming. Then i wake up and go back to sleep. Theese dreams are the best and easiest for me to become lucid. My dream recall is excellent in theese dreams.


I remembered six last night…that’s a record for me. i slept till about 3, then woke up periodically and i remembered a dream every time i woke up. it was nice

wow… the most i have ever remembered was three…

Well i guess i’ll keep trying. :sad: