Most embarressing moment

I don’t know if this is going to make much of a good ‘thread’…but it deserves a chance (and hey…if its not good, Jeff or some other Mod can lock it :neutral: )
Anyways…i KNOW everyone has had an embarressing moment. So if u want to share…post it why don’t ya !!

Kat wouldnt it be honest if you first would post your own experience here?:red:

Lol, you kitkat :content:

Why you want to know? Field trip as a beginning psycologist or its your new hobby to know our embarrassments lol!
What can we win?

  1. Your heart :happy:
  2. A mobile island (with mobile beach and coconut trees)
  3. 5 lucid dreams…ZzzZZzzz
  4. a meal cooked and served by you in a chefs outfit. :cool_laugh:


LoL Jeff :smile:
I wish tho i could write something here but i have to respect underage people who visit this forum.Only way to stay honest is to say "hey…i cant tell you that!:slight_smile:
But who knows…if this topic gets many replies maybe Oprah will invite us to USA.
take care…hehe,Kat…greetings girl:)
ps.Have you had a success with lds yet?Keep us posted!:slight_smile:

U are right. It would be honest if i put my own experience. So here it is: i was visiting this little girl’s house in Kitchener couple of months ago and i was wearing this Tank top. Since she was like 5 years old…she pointed at my ‘shirt’ and asked: “what are those ?”. No one but me and the little girl were in the room…but it was still embarressing. This might be a dumb embarressing moment …but o well !!
I didnt mean to be rude or anything by asking this … I just thought it would be a funny thread. I didnt think ppl were so insecure about this question. I’ll just see and wait if i get any responses from ppl who arent afraid of puting down an embarressing moment.

Greting 2 u too! :smile: Unfortunatelly i haven’t had a success with LDs yet:(
but as soon as i do…i will gladly post it (or in my dream team).

My ‘most’ embarressing moment is probably deep down in my unconscious, and where it belongs!

But here’s a good one: I was following my sis as we walked about the 5 star hotel and I was spaced out (it still happens) so I realized I was in a strange room with big mirrors across the one side, and these small cabins…well yes you probably guessed it, but at the time I still didn’t! My sis made a strange face and told me to get the hell out and I …eventually… started running towards the open door. :shy:

:smile: Your not rude Kat and it is a funny thread, i just did put a little humour in it myself.

So tell me what can we win? :wink:
I think if you throw in your tank top Jack surely will share his experience
with you.
As for me…I had so many of those moments Kat that I am still thinking witch one I share with you, but while i write this a nice one comes up in my head from long a go so here it is just for you Kit Kat.

When i was 19 i was invited by my fam in New Orleans for vacation.
At one week we went to a hotel where a jazz party was and free beer.
My nephew Patrick (then 25) was really going for the free beer and my fam was enjoying the jazz.
I was a bit bored, didnt drink beer then, jazz was not my style so i walked around and noticed two girls sitting at a table. One blond and one brunette.
The brunette i really liked…i walked to them and asked if they were tourists or american girls. They invited me to sit with them and i thought mmm this gonne be good lol! :happy: My nephew saw i was sitting with two pretty girls so suddenly he forgot his beer and joined us. My nephew asked me in dutch witch girl i liked most. I said I liked the brunette Jana, he was relieved because he liked the blond nicolle. so we talked and laughed with the girls and I asked if they liked the idea of going out with us that night (all night long). “Well” Jana said, " we have to ask our boyfriend". “YOUR BOYFRIEND” my nephew asked with a funny face. yes the girls said we go both with the same boy. Patrick and i looked at eachother like a meteor hit us right in the face. “And we work mostly at night”, the girls said, “in this hotel”. Then a skinny boy with long red hair walked to the table snapped his fingers and the girls (really)jumped up and walked away. We had been flirting with hookers…lol. What a cold shower that was. Then i was ready to drink my first beer and many more lol :happy:
My nephew and I later had a big laugh about it…it was funny to.


Thankx for sharing your embarressing moments guys !! :content: Jeff, your example was great and funny ! lol

Ok i thought of one, it was my first day in school at college, and i was a little late to class. I saw everyone at a computer working, and busy. Im was kinda of confused on what to do, so i saw this old lady at the end on her computer. So i figured this was the professor, and she had the lesson. So i asked"Exuse me what are we doing and were do i sit’? she looked up at me and said, im not the Professor, im a student too andi have no idea what’s going on. After she said that, everyone in the class room was laughing, i felt some dumb, so at the time i just laughed at myself with everyone else.

The Joke was one me! :rofl:

OK ! Well this thread isnt getting as many replies as i thought it would get.
So i am officially renaming the TopiC:

FuNnY Embarressing Moment(s) !

Sine the topic is different than last time…i can add one now ^_^.

Tonight I went to the movies to go see The Matrix 2. Before going into the actual room where the movie is played..i went to 

the bathroom. If you guys have been to Silver City, u know that there arent two doors to the man and women bathrooms. Just 2 signs, one one the left and one on the right. Well since i was so excited about seeing the movie…i wasnt really paying attention to the SignS. So of course i accidentally went into the MEN’S bathroom. My initial reaction was "Wow! This place has gotten bigger than the last time! Then i looked to my left and i saw MEN Urinals! It then struck me that i was in the men’s bathroom. I turned around and walked as normally as i could to the women’s bathroom. Afterwards, i realized how lucky i was that there was no one in the men’s bathroom! Imagine if THAt happened! Hehhehe

i can safely say i have never been Embarressed.

weird you might think, but nothing truely embarresses me. It just don’t bother me at all. I’ve done very odd things but never been embarrassed,

Sounds like we have a flawless person, im sure one time in your life, you had been embarassed. Otherwise you cant be human…Just cant