Most helpful reality check?

What is your most helpful reality check, and what dream sign do you observe most?

So far I have used counting fingers and reading and looking away. My dream signs are water and vehicles. The only dreamsigns and/or RC’s that I have gotten lucid from where: seeing myself in a mirror, pushing my hand trough something
Otherwise I just get lucid for no reason or I WILD.

Honestly the most reliable one I have found it pluggin gyour nose and breathing in. If you can get the air to come in, you are definitely dreaming (unless youhave a hole in your nose or something :smile:).

I have found others to fail more and more often the more regularly I become lucid.

This one also takes less time then looking back and forth at your fingers, and can be done any where, regaurdless if there is text or a clock.

That sounds like a very effective RC, toadstool! Thanks for sharing. :cool: Maybe I’ll try that one the next time.

I usually try to draw things in thin air with my finger, or ask myself if I am supposed to be here now.

Meh, RCs don’t wanna work for me. Even the hold your nose and try to breath (I can’t breath when I try).
It works a couple of times… I think twice out of the over twenty times I’ve tried it…

Close on eye and look at my nose, to see if it’s still there. Slightly better then the above one.

Count my fingers - tried it once. Worked fine. I was already lucid though, I just thought it’d be funny to have eight fingers…

Look at a clock - tried once, and was already lucid. I just have fun blinking and watching the clock jump forwards a couple of minutes every time…

Dream signs - I don’t have any, but last night, I heard the words ‘sex ticket’ and imedietly became lucid… :eh:

The wikibook’s wisdom on RCs can be found [url=]here[url]. It’s a fairly good section actually :smile:.

Ahh. Not the wkibook. What is your obsetion wit that wikibook. :tongue:
OK, so I’m going to add it to my site now.


Sureal, have you tried holding your breath in an LD. Have you ever passed out or died? (And before anyone makes a sarcastic reply :tongue: )

My favorite is the hands teqnique. My hands always have a wrong amount of fingers. I usually waste time in an LD, watching my fingers change from 11 to 6. I can also swap my middle finger and index finger around in an LD. It’s a neat little trick for scaring DCs. At the next opertunity I plan to scare a DC with it.

The most reliable is the nose RC (as well as being convienent in RL, can easly just rub my nose casually, without making a scene, lol). The nose RC is brillant.

I have spent to much time watching how things don’t work in LDs. For exmple, in my last LD, I observed a clock. The time kept changing and invlolved the letter “E” in it somewhere. Can’t remeber it properly.

Well, apart from the whole everybody-can-edit thing, it’s a pretty good source of information and covers most stuff pretty well.

Good, the more information I can nick then :tongue: Only joking.

My favorite RC is stapling my eyes shut. I just look around for a stapler and set to work to see if I can still see or not after. . .

No, just joking. (This whole thread was kind of going off-topic anyway.)

Back to the real thing. RCs don’t work for me and I never need to use one when I’m lucid. If I have the notion that I’m LDing, I just know for sure and take off!

… oh, what the hell…

sarcastic commentNo… I haven’t died before…sarcastic comment

As for passing out, no that’s never happened either. It’s feels just like IRL - so I haven’t done it long enough to make myself pass out (I think my brain would make me ‘breath’ again before I apss out anyways).

For me RC’s dont seem to be that effective, so now whenever i do RC IRL i just consciously consider that it may be a dream, think about the ‘feel’ of Real Life and of Dreams, and just kind of know right when i start thinking about it if im dreaming or not. Too many times in a dream i have done RC but got too analytical (or just too dumb its one of the two extremes) and lost it. As for various RC blurry hands dont work for me, i would look at them and then blink a bunch and squeeze my eyes shut and reopen to sort of ‘clear my vision’ and then the hands look normal, or my attention gets conveniently drawn elsewhere by my devious (but more like frustrated) subconscious. Ah well, signs for me to consciously become aware and consider if this may be a dream, for me is my watch beeping on the hour and the thing on my school binder that says 'Arent you Dreaming?" (used to be ‘are you dreaming?’ but i think the arent is better considering my beliefs).

What do you all think about RC in regards to consciously considering it in mind, versus doing actual physical tests? I think that maybe a mix between the two would work for all. Personally i think the confirmation is not the physical test but the dreamawareness. :content: WIth my sudden recent frequency of LD’s its like i dont need to do RC anymore its like ‘am i dreaming?’ and then i will, hilariously out of habit at one point look at my hand but now i’ll drop my hand halfway thinking ‘i dont need a damned RC i know im dreaming, time to hit floating state’ :smile: but i am starting to have more spontaneous as well like i will just start walking with a grin on my face knowing its a dream all of a sudden. :shy:

A coworker caught me doing a RC at work today, when I thought nobody was watching. I had a hard time explaining what I was doing, so I gave her the URL to this site. :cool:

A LDer caught in real life! lol

I often do RCs when people can see me; it helps to maintain my image of being eccentric. :smile:

Flying. Always get lucid when I try some flying even when I don’t do it as an RC - when it just happens as an accident. Of course I seldom try this in waking life but it still remains the most powerful lucidity cue for me.

From what I’ve heard, I’d say the most effective RC is the breathing through nose RC. Still, It’s a bit inconvenient to use, having to hold your nose and all.

I also think the digital watch RC sounds quite good. Not quite as fool-proof as the nose RC, but it’s quicker and looks less supsicious. People will just think you’re checking the time.

No, it’s fine… people rarely notice anyway.

Trying to fly - its failsafe! You don’t even need to do any action, just be standing. If you can’t fly, you probably arn’t dreaming. If you can…well, then its fun time!

As for the flying, just in case just thinking about flying doesn’t work, I’ve also heard suggestions to jump off the ground … you might either fly then, or at least notice that the falling/gravity in a dream is rather different than RL. As for that, the nose thing, or anything else “looking silly” … they are all just jealous because they can’t LD! LOL.