Most likely to work

What is the most likely technique to work? thanks

Welcome to the community, It really is nice to have a place to discuss dreaming and lucid dreaming .

Like most things in life there are no shortcuts. It is all about journaling your dreams with a lot of dedication. The method is to write down your dreams with pen and paper. If you want something easier it is to record your dreams by voice with a recorder or on your phone. The more effort and discipline you put toward it the better.

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ok, what is your favorite way to ld?

Dream induced lucid dream or dild is where you use reality checks in your regular dreams to test whether you are in a dream or not. So in waking life you will try to put a finger through the palm of your hand whenever you remember to. If you are in a dream the finger will go through. Holding your nose closed and trying to breathe through it is another one. If you do them in life you will get to where you start doing them in dreams out of habit.

Others will have their own favorites. Mild fild and wild can work surprisingly well and it is good to experiment with as many as you like. At the end of the day these are mental exercises that are good for you whether you go lucid or not.

Another I like to bring up a lot is wbtb. Wake back to bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night and were dreaming, try to go back to sleep and go back into the dream with the intention of realizing it’s a dream.

thank you