Motivate me!!

I havn’t been on this site for several months or practiced lucid dreaming i had a couple of short random ones during this time but nothing great. I want to get back into lucid dreaming but it always seems like i forget and get caught up in the day. I remember i used to have this excitment and will to lucid dream that would create an automatic motiviation. HOw can i get this back. How can i get excited and motivated to lucid dream again.?

Write some ulimate goal(s) that you want to do in next lucid dream and imagine actually do them… that should help you to be movitated. :wink:

I know what you’re going through…
when I started LDs i was super hyper and all… motivated me to progress pretty well… but now isszal gone. I try to force myself, but it’s hard. Sometimes I think of all the great things that I could do if I could lucid dream, but mostly it doesn’t help. I don’t know why…

But you can perservere! Keep it going and I bet that once we find the benefits we’re looking for, it’ll motivate us to look for more! Until then, force it upon yourself, NO BREAKS!!! And always remember that LDs will do for you what nothing else in this world can… FREEDOM.

After writing that post, I don’t feel any more motivated… lately I’ve been trying out these “quick fixes” such as hypnosis and binaurals… let me tell you they don’t do the work for you- you’ve gotta do a lot still! Set your intentions before bed to lucid dream and do all the necessary techs, and set your intentions in the morning to set your intentions before bed. :neutral:

In other words, if you forget, tie something around your finger or keep like Stephen LaBerge’s Lucid Dreaming book on your bed to remind you to do so.

I think I keep it simple.
I just think it’s cool to explore the boundries of somewhere new and different. I don’t expect anything from it, but it is still rewarding in each experience.