Motivation does help afterall

After a long time of not having a lucid dream I kinda got bored of trying. One day I suddenly really, really, really wanted to have a LD. That night I ended up having a great lucid dream (although pretty short).

I think motivation is the main thing, indeed! :smile:

How come i’m not motivated, but I do RC-s throughout the day and want the LD-s?

Diddo :smile:

WMC, I’ve just read some of your recent posts, it seems you have the LD’s. Your problem is to stabilize them, am I right?

To stabilize lucidity and stay lucid, is my big problem. The even bigger problem is to become lucid, usually i become lucid max once a week. :sad:

thats not too bad (once a week), but if u want to become lucid more often…, just keep it on your mind,

its important not to be waking up abruptly, if you wake up with an alarm and have to rush to work, or whatever, it makes it harder to remember your dreams.
Thats why, if its possible, let yourself sleep till you naturally wake up.

Get up a 2-3 hours before your due to wake up, stay awake for an hour and just think of becoming awake in your dream… tell yourself “I will become awake”

then go back to sleep for the next 1-2 hours and become lucid.

In terms of motivation…yes it does help…
Remember the saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way.
It is so true.

yep, motivation is key… my first ld ever i told myself that day repeatedly that this was the night, and i truly felt like i was gonna have one, it worked!

Ive been trying for a month and havent got one yet!

Are you practising another technique than WILD, Pettertombos?

Ive tried mild a few times and do RC about all day , has tried wbtb with mild one time i think.' When I was on vacation I tried mild every night in 3 weeks , but im not sure i did it right. :bored: We havent a computer there :grrr: and I haven`t anything on paper of Of ld…
It was some of the first things i tried to in ld.
Maybe i should give it anothyer try?
And i think i used mild to start remembering my dreams

Whats autosuggestion?

Im going on vacation now. To italy wont be here in a week

Me is back!

Hi pettertombos! I hope you enjoyed your vacation. :smile:

Autosuggestion is repeating mentally a sentence before going to sleep. VILD could also be considered as autosuggestion, but instead of repeating, you visualize a scene. And MILD is another kind of autosuggestion, combining repeating and imagining: you can find it in the “How” content of the LD4all mainpage.

Motivation and expectation are really important i think… how can you have a LD if you don’t believe you’ll actually be able to have one? :wink:

Ok , thanks1
Should I try mild?

Yeah. Combined with either WILD or WBTB too for maximum effect.

I don’t know. You just have to find the method which works best for you.

I really, really feel that tonight’s the night, dreamers! I have a nagging feeling I’m going lucid tonight! This is superb!

There’s no reason why I shouldn’t go lucid, right? Right?!


how do you combine with wild?