Motivation? PLEASE READ

The last time I tried to LD was September 4th. Ever Since I gave up and stopped my dreams I can barely remember. Most of the times they are short and blurry. I can barely feel them. Plus I pray at night, (I don’t want to bring up religion,) for my dreams to get vivid and clearer. It feels like that God is giving me these unclear dreams as a lesson for giving up so early. I started lucid dreaming since 2009, and only had 2 short blurry ones. Should I get back into lucid Dreaming? dreamers please answer! :help:

Of course! I have yet to have one and motivating others actually motivates me in return! Good luck man, don’t give up, and I won’t too.

thanks man! Im really putting alot of thought into it! I think i’ll see how things go tonight. Good luck to you too!

That’s great to hear! And thanks alot!

The key to Lucid dreaming is persistance! If you really want to lucid dream, you have to be serious about it and you have to work for it. If you haven’t already, start a dream journal. And even if you cant recall dreams each night, right something into your journal anyway. Write about dreaming, perhaps something your read about on these forums. Doing this will make your subconcious want to dream, so it has something to write about each day. Remembering your dreams is the first step to lucid dreaming. Hope this helps!

I too am getting back into it after a long hiatus. My sleep schedule was too erratic for a long time but now I am getting more regimented.

Keep it up! The dream journal IS the KEY!! Fill your day with as much dream topics and reality checks as possible. Stay Conscious.

SA33, I woud suggest you to have a Dream Journal. From other’s and my own experience, I know, that they will positively affect your dream recall ability and the vividness of those dream.
When you wake up, give yourself time to remember what you’ve dreamt about. Then write it in the DJ. Even if you can’t remember anything, write: “I couldn’t remember any dreams”. This suggests to your mind that you care about your dreams, and you will gradually remember more and more vivid dreams.

You should definitely stick to LD. It’s normal to take a pause from time to time, just to relax a little bit and to think about other things.

But I think that LD can have a very positive effect on WL. This morning I achieved real WILD for first time. But my dream was blurry and ended in 10 sec. But that doesn’t bother me. Because achieving WILD is one thing and having long and vivid dreams is another thing.

My point is that with LD you should divide your success in few steps. That’s the only way to have motivation. Also keeping realistic goals, by realistic I mean something that is in your power to achieve in LD with knowledge that you have. Because if you achieve something even though is just simple and easy you will feel much better about all this. And that will push you further and further.

Good luck!

Good News, im getting back into it! Thank you for all the replies!! Keep on Dreaming!! :smile: