Motivation problems !


The last nights I haven`t wrote down a dream.
Even though I have dreamt.

I think (know) this is because of lakc of motivatio… :cry:
I just dont manage to get up from bed at 4 am to write down deams , and when autosuggestion fails in waking me up i havent done everything to LD that night ! :help:

Anybody who has some ideas, comments who can be useful ?
Somethink that may be told to myself to make my lazy body write `em down ?

Please :help:

Set your alarm clock away from your bed so you have to get up to turn it off.

cnt do that . Mom has been waked by it . Im doing Autosuggestion now.
But there`s a great idea .

Get to bed earlier. Drink lots of water. MEDITATE…

I’m having the same problem, I sometimes fall back to sleep so quickly after turning the alarm off I can’t even remember it happening.
All i can suggest is to try getting into a good sleeping schedule - going to bed early, finding out how much sleep you need and then you’ll have a bit more energy for WBTB.

Thanks everybody !

Before you fall asleep just tell yourself that you will awaken at the desired time and you will. For motivation to get out of bed, have listened to your favorite song before bed so it is playing in your head when you awaken at that certain time. Pick a song that motivates you to LD.