Motivation problems :(

It always happens after about a month or two of practicing lucid dreaming; I lose that “push” that makes me want to lucid dream. Now that I’m back in school, it’s even harder to try lucid dreaming because I try to get all the sleep possible (I get around 7 hours of sleep on a school night). This led me to stop keeping a dream journal, and the only thing that I do is use an auto-stop alarm clock that, hopefully, will lead me to a DEILD. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. Any advice?

It’s completely normal to lose motivation from time to time, so don’t worry too much about that - but it’s certainly possible to sustain your motivation.
One thing I always do is watching LD videos on YouTube.
These videos, for example, are truly inspiring and very pleasant to watch before bedtime. :good:
pasQuale’s video is also very nice, and mentions several thrilling LD experiences.
I also love the artistic illustrations in her video - the “Dream Character” on 1:45 looks completely unique, and very dream-like.

You can also try writing down what you wish to experience, and keep that note with you throughout the day and look at it a few times.
Personally I would really enjoy snowboarding down a steep, endless mountainside, that would be incredibly cool.

the problem is, i’ve watched almost every lucid dreaming video on youtube haha

Well, watch 'em again! :smile:

I to have motivation problems, I am getting better and I’m almost ready to get back into the world of lucid dreaming. And boy am I excited. Just a bit longer until the Christmas holidays and then I have two weeks off school :content: I Could get motivated back up and I hope that this teaches people a lesson to never give up hope because the final product is amazing!

Well first of all get more sleep. How come you get only 7 hours? Go to sleep at 10pm or 9. Get at least 8 hours, that’s important!

Here’s what I have to say about motivation!

I lose heart too, from time to time.

My own cure? Want something.

Want something.

Want something out of your dreaming practice and go get it. But! Be sure that what you want comes from an authentic place within you. Everyone wants to fly off to Neverland or feel love or ecstasy. The question is: What do you want in your soul?

Also, chase the dark. Talk to the frightening figures in your dreams. Walk into the void. Ask your Subconscious what you’re running from.

I have noticed thatI tend to lose motivation when I become very occupied with something.
Right now for example I’m studying, and I have to get up already at around 5-6 o’clock, and then I don’t get home until 5 in the afternoon.
Which kinda sucks, since it makes Dream Journaling pretty hard.

I have also noticed that I lose motivation if I start getting bad dream recall, because I forget how dreams “feel” and this makes lucid dreaming more distant as well.

I guess you simply need to go to bed earlier, so those long REM stages have a chance to start.