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Im trying to get lucid dreams but i want some motivation how long did it take you to have a good lucid dream?? and also how do you remember dreams?(waking up after 90 minutes is not my thing im a bad sleeper:()

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Not waking up makes dream recall hard. Here’s why: if you awake from one dream and don’t make much effort to remember it your brain essentially has a built in dream eraser and removes it from memory. Thus, upon awakening from a REM period you need to stay awake briefly as you commit the dream to memory. So if you aren’t willing to tell yourself to wake up after each dream and remember it, or set an alarm for something like 4.5/6/7.5 hrs after you go to sleep you get one good shot at remembering a dream, which is right when you wake up in the morning.

If your not remembering that dream almost every single morning I wouldn’t bother with trying to LD at all. Without a solid base level of dream recall you’ll just forget any LD’s you may have. It is okay to start doing LD habit forming activities like reality checks though.

To improve dream recall the best way is to just tell yourself as you go to bed that you want to wake from your dreams and remember them. Make sure you don’t mindlessly say the words; you must be focused on their meaning and intent to have any success.

Of course be sure to keep a DJ by your bed so you can immediately write down any and all parts of any dreams you can remember, even if all you can recall is a thought or a mood.

so you can actually tell yourself wake up after a dream and then it works??
and then you write it down in your diary:p and that makes you remember dreams and then you could try to have a ld because then you will remember it??

Yes, you can tell yourself to wake up after dreams so you can remember them. Over time you get better and better at remembering to stop and remember your dreams each time you awaken.

Having the diary is good because it helps develop the habit of immediately trying to recall everything you can about the dream which further enhances the quality of recall as you continue to train your DR.

Dream recall is a necessary part of lucid dreaming. With poor recall you can often forget lucid dreams you had, or if you do remember them it will often be a very vague, weak memory.

As far as motivation is concerned, I don’t think that trying harder or becoming more determined makes any difference. Maybe it does, but I don’t think so. There are some things you can do to make yourself more likely to have more LDs, but I don’t know exactly what you could do to try any harder.

For me the progress I have even in ND’s is enough motivation for me. Dreams, lucid or not, are just so amazing, so fun and enternaining, and it only gets better when finding lucidity! Keep it up… it’s amazing.

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I can’t say how long it took me to have my first lucid dream, because I honestly don’t know (I’m a natural).

However, I can say that remembering lucid dreams isn’t an issue. Since you’re concious while inside the dream you remember it as though you were awake, regardless of how long you’re asleep.

As for motivation, being able to learn and practice dream techniques as well as having the power to control the dream while being able to do whatever you want with no consequences is probably motivation enough for most people :tongue:

If you mean this the way I think you do then I don’t agree. It is definitely possible to forget lucid dreams. There were several instances in laboratory settings where dreamers signaled they were lucid, but did not remember the dream upon awakening. Anecdotally this is also true as I remember several times wakening up not remembering any dreams, but at a later point remembering fragments of a lucid dream.

Yes, you’re alot more likely to remember a lucid dream than a normal one, but it is definitely possible to not recall them particularly in the event you lose lucidity before the end of the dream.

I agree with Blenderman on this :

And about autosuggestion, I can only say good things about it, for example, last night I woke up 4 times, 2 times I remember dreams and 2 times I couldn’t remember. So autosuggestion is pretty powerful thing for me, you should try it!


tnx for your help everyone i tried auto suggestion last night and it succeeded i remembered 2 dreams and made the beginning of my DJ :mrgreen_hat:

PS: blenderman haha, ja ik had gewoon een domme naam uitgekozen :tongue:

Auto Suggestion seems to work quite better than I would’ve expected.
I happen to have tried it for the first time last night, telling myself that I would remember my dreams when I would wake up.
I could remember three dreams when I woke up.

Also, This topic helped alot in choosing what to tell my SC.
This one:

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