Mouth glued shut, can’t speak to dream characters

Before going to sleep my intention was to talk to my dream characters. Unfortunately I forgot Robert Waggoner warned in his book that the awareness behind the dream is very literal. I spoke to my dream characters all the time but they never responded. They looked mean and almost aggressive. They ignored me the whole time. I got upset no one wanted to talk to me, and out of nowhere I said (excuse my French) ‘you sons of b@#$s, this is my dream, you all go to hell’ and everything went pitch black. I didn’t know where I was.I was reaching out out in the darkness. I continued to dream, and from then on I was in and out of the lucid state for the rest of the many dreams I had.
At the beginning, when I became lucid for the first time, I tried to speak to some kind of Disney characters, but my mouth seemed glued shut, I was asking, mumbling, ‘who do you represent?’, but the dream characters ignored me and continued to have fun, jumping and flying around.
Has anyone had this experience of being unable to speak clearly? Why does this happen?
Thanks for reading!

Hello Joanna,

In my experience it’s not a rule that DCs have to be unfriendly or mean. On the contrary, they are usually either unresponsive or friendly and available to talk. I know of many other dreamers who share the same experience. It’s important to remember that the unfriendly Dream Characters, as well as your glued mouth, are creations of your mind, and there must be a reason why you dream of them.

For me it’s very important (and useful) to ponder about the meaning of dream images/events/situations, especially those that I find unpleasant or undesirable. They often tell me “where my shadow lies”.

There are several ways of interpreting these undesirable elements. If you’re interested, Charley Morley is someone who talks about “shadow-aspects” a great deal, especially in relation to lucid dreaming. Nigel Hamilton is another invaluable source of dream interpretation in the context of personal growth and I found his work extremely illuminating.

Thank you so much for your answer. I hope next time my dream characters are in a better mood :smile: I will look into what they might represent for me, I never thought they could be shadow elements since I had the idea shadow characters were always behind you in the dream.

That was my first ‘long’ lucid dream. In the previous few lucid dreams I would wake up as soon as I realized I was lucid. Somewhere I heard in order to prevent that from happening you need to have a plan about what to do after becoming lucid, so I did. I decided I wanted to fly to the stars.

The next time I became lucid I flew straight into space, It was amazing! Once in space I turned around and I could see stars everywhere, I was floating moving my legs as if I were in the water.
Then I saw huge Aztec or Mayan symbols made of the brightest stars, they had different colors, the symbols were in a line that stretched far in the distance. The first symbol, the only one that I remember, was an eagle looking towards the left. But as I continued floating I also began to descend and woke up.
Lucid dreaming is the bomb!