Movement techniques

I just had another dream where this was a thing so I feel it deserves a topic here. We all know about techniques how to get from A to B within a lucid dream. There are posts that could fill books with inspiration how to fly or how to teleport to other places in a lucid dream. But what about accomplishing this task in normal dreams?

What I would like to know are you stories from normal dreams. Which clever or ridiculous way of moving around the dream world has your mind come up with in your dreams?

Here are some of mine.

Single leg hopping
Just tonight I had a dream where I found hopping around on one leg was a really efficient and fun way to explore another town while I was there on a trip. Not only was it quite fast somehow, but it also allowed me to jump over moderately sized obstacles (like about 2m height). Only when the road went down a slope I had to pace myself and do small hops only because I was afraid downhill I would drop too tall a height and hurt my legs :lol:

Bridge Sprinting
Now this is where it gets weird. Less than a week ago I was running around town on all 4 like a dog, only inverse. Like this basically:
(Different from the image I held my head up high so I could see ahead, since the walking direction was feet-first.)
This was also really fast. I could even outrun cars going about 30 kph, without tiring out. Besides that it looked strange to me even in the dream, I was actually wondering why not everyone was running around like this because it seemed so super useful.

Bunny Bouncing
More than once have I found myself doing a bunny-hopping like movement. If you know the right video games, then you know that bunny-hopping is essentially consecutive jumping, always leaving the ground again immediately after you touched it. In games where this is useful, you can gain an increasing movement speed boost. But in my dreams, it rather boosts the entire propelling force, allowing me to reach greater and greater heights as well until it gets ridiculous and a single jump takes me across an entire mountain. I love it when I’m using this technique for the view and thrill of excitement alone (feels a little like a roller coaster ride).

Wave Sliding
Definitely also inspired by a video game, this is a technique I find myself sometimes using is basically wave dashing from the game Super Smash Bros. Melee. The main difference is that a single dash takes me across several meters so I can tune down the frequency to once every few seconds. It’s a very smooth and stylish way to get from A to B.

So what are your normal dream methods of moving around when simply walking on two legs isn’t good enough?


Wow,my technique would be bringing my body back,and the releasing myself,then j would be running and skidding across the floor at amazing speed

I have other techniques which i will post on wednesday

U think you deserve a cookie,here it is! :cookiemon:

Bunny feet-hopping
Tonight I had a dream in which I moved again by making ever accelerating hops. I would make the tiny jumps solely by pushing myself off the ground with my feet. Legs were stiff. And both feet are used simultaneously, from a parallel stance. It got decently fast but was also very tiring so I had to stop soon.

I even remembered that I made this topic but then I was thinking, “Wow, this one even works outside dreams because this is obviously not a dream!“

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