I have a theory that I have. Whenever I am dreaming and not lucid, I feel like I am wearing an invisible iron body suit as my movements are more slow and clumsy. Im sure everyone experiences this. But the point I am getting to is that whenever I become lucid, it feels as if those limits are slightly lifted and the more lucid and aware I become, the more freedom I have. Does anyone else have a similar situation?

Not that I can remember. My ND’s are usually from weird points of view though; I don’t actually generally experience my body, since I’m either in third person or I’m just totally unaware of it. Having still not had a lucid dream (lack of effort in the DJ… I really need to get on that), I can’t confirm the second part.

Quite alot of times in my dreams if im trying to run from something I struggle get any speed at all and feel like I’m insanely heavy if thats what you mean haha

I get that too! Or it feels like my feet are glued to the ground or something. But then other times I´m running from something and I can run just fine!

I think having trouble moving (or feeling like your body is really heavy) is pretty common in dreams :content:, especially when running from something.

I have that feeling even in LD’s sometimes. However, similar to PukingPlatypus, with higher levels of lucidity the feeling goes away. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done :tongue:.

In my NDs i have more developed skills, like jumping, fighting and high speed runing.


I haven’t had this kind of problems in my dreams or atleast i can’t recall it. But it feels like a good way to regularly lucid dream if you ask me. You should start doing reallity checks every time you feel your body isn’t as agile as it normally is. I am no expert in the subject, but it sounds a bit possible. :razz:

Much Love;


Yeah I’m exaxtly the same haha, can be quite frustrating at times

What I do is when I notice, that I am walking around in a dream, I simply change to pulling - you imagine light bundles or rays (invisible in my case) coming out of your abdomen. I attach or imagine them connected to some point I want to move towards and let myself being pulled to that point. This way of movement can be very fast. Even instantaneous.

I tend to get very bouncy whenever I need to escape, run, etc. Like the bottom of my feet have been sprayed with flubber.
In lucid dreams I don’t have such problem.

If anyone has played “qwop” thats how i run in dreams. i’m like super light and i’m leaning backwards or something super irritating. In ND’s Of course !

In regular dreams I have infinity stamina. Guessing from the answers it varies.