moving hosts - we're back

if you can read this it means everything is working again :tongue:
sorry about the inconvenience, I had to move domain name hosts today and the new host forgot to tell me that they would insert their standard nameservers instead of the custom nameservers I have for LD4all… So I had to set that straight.
in the mean time the standard page of the new host was presenting instead of LD4all.
everything should work fine again, if not please let me know!

Hmm I was wondering what that was today. I thought it might be on my end but apparently not. The confusion made me RC all afternoon. As far as I can tell, you fixed it.

It gave me a scare at first , but it is good that everything is back! Thank you Qu! :cool:

Oh, the forum was down and i didnt even notice? :rc:

:truit: ghosteh. you didn’t tell me it was back

Did I have that duty to you? :wink: