moving plans - possible downtime around august 15th

I’m planning to move to the new host in the middle of august. This way I’m at the new host when the contract with the current hosts expires.

This means 2-3 days of downtime, where the url will not work. It will work from an IP adress temporarily. I plan to do this as smoothly as possible, but the forum will be locked for a short time before it, so no data will be lost.

This topic is to announce the move, so you can prepare yourself already.

We have currently $200, that is 4 months of hosting. I’ll pay by the month in the beginning, so if they don’t turn out as great as I’m expecting them to, i’m not stuck with them for a long period.

Thats a wise decision (per month payment), I once made the worst contract in my life ever: 2 years at BASM (A Belgian hosting system). Out of 24 hours a day, there was at least 2-3 downtime (at least), there were often full server data wipes, no refunds for any downtime/loss of data, and suddenly they quit CGI and SSH support. And I had to pay ahead. >__>;

If you know this ip on beforhand, then you could register a temporarely url from a free service like and post it a few days ahead of the downtime.
People have bashed for ads, but these occur only if you use the url forwarding service instead of the dns forwarding. I have been using it for years without any problems at all.

thanks for the tip, how would that work? I will probably know the IP beforehand (as soon as i have signed up with them)

What you basicly do is just point towards the IP of your new host. This you simply do by setting the ip in the dns forwarding section.
So this means that will be resolved to the ip you set.

August 15 for 2-3 days?? Well, I guess a working LD4all would be a good B-day present for me :tongue: (Aug 17)

Good Luck with the move, Q!

Well, at least i wont be in during the downtime, and unable to feel the bad effects of the forum being locked, as i had to not too long ago…

Woohoo the English forum and the Dutch site are back! When is the Dutch forum back? That one is the most important to me.

dutch forum is back,
it should work.

i’m looking into why won’t work :meh: