Moving plus falling asleep

I have noticed that when I haven’t slept enough for example less than 6 hours, and I’m going to school by bus/train, it’s much easier for me to fall asleep when the bus or train is moving contrary to when it’s still , it’s so much harder to fall asleep if the train/bus is still.
I also know that when I was little I feel asleep in our boat on the floor :tongue:.

So is this true for anyone else and in that case why do you think it’s easier to fall asleep when something is moving?

Interesting. This does make sense to me, as I can somewhat relate.

I couldn’t begin to try to explain it. It’s a mystery.

I read somewhere that when one travels by train, blood circulation is optimized somehow.
So, this would help the body getting asleep faster.

1 - I can only sleep at night
2 - There can’t be any lights
3 - I have to be lying perfectly still

Doesn’t work for me. :wink:

yes, often if the vehicle comes to a stop i wake right up.

Indeed, it just feels so relaxing when you’re being swung gently in a car on a motorway…

Now hang on a minute! Isn’t that surprisingly similar to the way babies are cradled when trying to get them to sleep? I mean the feeling, hmmm…