Moving Your Eyes Side to Side Triggers Memory

I found this neat article… … emory.html

Would be interesting to try it upon waking up in order to remember dreams.

Wow that’s interesting! I think I will try it tommorow morning :smiley:
Thanks for posting that! ^^

Hey! I just wanted to come back and report I had success with the technique.

I blanked out about my dream about 10 minutes after I woke up, I happened to remember the eye-side-to-side thing, and tried it out… It worked!

Thanks very much, I can remember very much of what I dreamt last night now-- I will definitely use it every morning (as my dream recall has been off lately~!)

Thank you very much for posting this~!
With deep levels of appreciation,

me too, if I don’t forget. I really need a better recall since I lost the touch with dreaming recently >_>

And I’m writing a big history test tomorrow, maybe I will try it there, too, if it really comes to be necessary :tongue:

Oooh, I didn’t think of using this for Dream recall, I use it for tests though :cool: (Read about it in the newspaper)

Oh man that is so cool, thanks for posting this.

That is great !!!

I tried it just after reading he article and I remembered a bit of my day and I remembered words I have read a while ago.

I’l try it later because it’s not one test which will determine the authenticity of the experience.

/Snape sits at his work desk moving eyes shiftily left to right, right to left, slightly squinting.
Colleague walks past, looking worried.
Back to work :tongue:

This morning, I manage to recall about most of my dreams but I knew I had forgot one or two

Then, while in the bathroom, I tried that “moving your eyes side to side” thing for 30 seconds, and 2 dreams came back!! Either a “coincidence” or causes by that brain stimulation!!

This memory trigger trick seems to be working quit well!

Perhaps this could be used as a Reality check, it might help you remember that you were asleep.

Sounds good and propable, in my opinion, in the light of what we know. Is it not so that when you are thinking your eyes tend to look up? It might have been something else but this is how I remember it. Anyway, this has to be tried out. Any trick that helps will do…

Sounds very interesting. Is it best done with eyes closed or with eyes opened?

i haven’t visited the site in forever but i saw this and tried it. it definately worked!!

It’s an interesting concept alright :yes:
I have induced some fairly vivid HI in the past, using this technique.

I have just tried the technique here at work, and I dont know if its a placebo effect but I feel my thinking got a bit brighter…