MSN Messanger

Does anyone that has a lot of ld’s have msn messanger??? Add me to your list or let me add you. My e-mail address is

Why must you have somebody with many LDs? Plenty of the triers, like me, know lots about LDs :smile:. I’ll add you.

Sorry, I don’t have MSN. You should visit the chat room. There are a lot of people there willing to answer questions and help.

I imagine you have lots of questions of how a lucid dream experience feels like. That pretty much requires a person that has had a more than a few LDs to answer. :wink:

…Unless they’ve been reading almost every post on these forums for a few months…

Not really. I’ve only had a couple of LDs (read: three), but I’m sure I could answer alot of questions anyone might ask. I couldn’t answer all of them, but I’ve picked up a fair bit of knowledge from reading this forum (and experincing some first hand).

Sorry, i should have included triers. i’ll take anyone that is intrested in ld’s. :cool: