MSN Messenger and mIRC.

Anyone who doesn’t have MSN Messenger, have you ever considered getting it? It’s great, it’s free and grants you access to the FF battles i host. :content:

If this sounds like advertising, it’s not. It’s merely a little question.

MSN Messenger Plus!, a program you can install to MSN Messenger enhances it further, and makes it cooler to battle on.

You can also use mIRC to join created channels if you are unable to get MSN Messenger.

/join #FinalFantasy

I have msn messenger and it is a major pia for me. Just getting to my email is impossible. But how do find your FF battles? I may check it out.

You need not find my battles. Just add me to your contacts list and then you are one step further to battle.

If your e-mail won’t be confirmed, do this: Do the confirmation proceedure (blahblahblah…), then after that, re-start MSN Messenger. It should be fixed by then.

I was thinking more about reading then battling. I’ve never played FF. I want to see what the big deal is first and then decide. So if I add you to my list then what?

You have a number of choices to see how the battles are operated.

  1. You can join the battle but stay in the background and spectate it.

  2. You can join in with a rental character, staying in the background and on your command attack the enemy.

Mail? I use a web mail address (ie no programs, my stuff is on a site), so I never have any troubles. What do you use, Outlook Something? That thing gets un-configured even if you sneeze in its direction. Btw, I don’t know if you’ll like watching if you never played FF. Who knows, you may join, since it’s all about issuing a command when is your turn, nothing occult. You know what HP’s, MP’s and the like are, right? If not, there are plenty of FFfanatics here ready to explain. :smile:

She just watched a sparring practice between me and Lanina, and has learned a bit about it. As soon as she finished posting Jadge’s death scene i’ll generate her character and guide her through the battles, with someone to help demonstrate.

anamcara! not enough addictions already? :tongue:

The more the better! :biggrin:

What can I say Q? I have an addictive personality and I’m always doing a couple of things at once anyway. I’m gonna shanghai the video game from my son and play it first, I think. So I’m not completely confused. I’ll let you know WMC as soon as I know what character I wanna use

I’m not a FF fan. It just seems too repetative for me. shrugs

Don’t worry, the FF series is being butchered by the new Square-Enix.



FF7 The Dirge Of Cerberus = Action RPG
FF12 = Ditto very probably
The above = Blasphemy


Must… get… msn… :eek:

Nah, just kidding, I already have it. :razz:

coughAd!cough :tongue: