Have any experience with mugwort in inducing lucidity?

I once made a tea of this herb one evening and my dreams that night were vivid, colorful, and crazy (party or casino-like setting, fireworks, shooting, girls, etc.). No LD though. I guess I was close to becoming lucid. But it was fun anyway and I plan on trying it again.

i drink mugwort, damiana, hops and rosemary tea which is supposed to relax people, but for me it keeps me up tossing and turnign all night. perhaps a small amount mugwort could keep you awake enough to get lucid but not stop sleep. shrug

ARGHH I’ve looked all over here for mugwort and can’t find it no herb no tea nothing… hehe I’m going CrAzy thinking about it. Oh well I will look still. :smile: It is such a cool plant!

I wouldn’t think Damiana would be a great relaxant, it’s a powerful aphrodisiac.

Well I FOUND IT!!! The tea is so strange tasting, so i mix it with chamomile, and sometimes jasmine. I found that it does enhance dream vividness, I have lots of cool dreams when I take it, but it might be chance. I remember reading somewhere that the scent of Jasmine is good for inducing an LD, and that fidning its true oil, or smelling the scent of the living plant in your room might work.

I found a pill on the internet that contains Mugwort… and a few other things LIke Cali Extract. it claims to help induce LD… My dreams and dream recall have vastly inproved in the last m0onth and a half… about 2 months ago I bought some raw Cali extract… I have been taking it nightly in this form… This week plan on swithching from just the extract to the pill… to see if the results differ … I am curious if I will have better results… or If I will maybe somehow take a few steps back from where I was … the pill is pretty interesting …has a great list of ingredients… if any of you want to check it out , go to google and type in " Dreamboost"… I will post my progress/ problems in about 2 weeks, after I have time to see how my changes effect my dreams…

Mugwort can be used as a dream pillow. The scent is said to be an irritant which limits deep sleep. I haven’t tried it yet, but I just purchased some off ebay. You can get a small amount rather cheap.

It says here that mugwort has some toxic stuff in it, maybe that kind of makes your mind kind of high.

High? unlikely, but too much of the stuff in the dream pillows can make your room smell like pot. i’ve got it in liquid form and when i used to use it, it never really helped, might start it up again tho.

Mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris) is one of my favorite plants to work with (hence my name). It is great for having vivid dreams, not necessarily lucid ones though. I recommend either making a dream pillow of it or making a tincture to use it. While smoking it is also an option and works quite nicely, its smoke STRONGLY resembles that of marijuana, if your fine with that then go ahead. Also, I’ve never heard anywhere or experienced a “high” from mugwort. Also (for Ithuriel) here is a great vendor that I buy my mugwort from link to seller removed, please do not link to vendors

Thanks for that mate good information

thought i’d bump this thread,

i got an ounce of mugwort from ebay a whiles ago, and i haven’t used it but once in several months ,

i just now took what seems a gram of it and put it in some hot water with chamomille,
strained it as best as able and put in honey and drank
the taste is quite strong and not so good

i feel a little odd , i am probably not going to go to bed with the proper timing to see how the mugwort tea effects my dreaming, though, but we shall see!

I recently bought some of this stuff. I posted my results in another thread which I quoted below:

did you feel that it enabled you to rest more profoundly and require less sleep in general ?

i have felt fatigued often for the past few months and the day after taking the tea i found myself greatly refreshed after about 10 seconds of “ugh i’m sleepy”

this works quite well for reducing fatigue and sleepiness, just by sniffing it for a few moments