music and dreams

in the waking life i listen to music around 3 hours per day.
but i never hear any music in my dreams is this common or is it only me who never hear music in dreams?

Just from personal experience, I rarely hear music in dreams. Whenever I do, I can see it being played either by someone else or myself.

One thing to note is that while you’re asleep, your mind has to produce the entire dream and project at the same time. Thus, creating and projecting music, even if it is familiar to you, may be too difficult for the mind to do if it’s just in the background.

It’s funny, I’ve never really noticed music in any of my dreams except for one I had a couple of days ago. I was being chased by a demon thing across a road and epic chase music like what you’d hear in a movie was playing in the background.

The only time I hear music in dreams is when RL-music from outside the dream influences my dream, this happens sometimes and has fun effects :tongue:

I spend most of my time playing, listening to or thinking about music, and I rarely (if ever) hear music in my dreams.

I rarely hear music in my dreams, but when I do it’s really good music. But when I wake up I can’t remember the song.

I do hear music in dreams, sometimes I even compose music (which is really strange, because I have no musical ability in waking life). I hear songs I’ve never heard before, and some fantastic orchestral music.

Most of the time I don’t hear any music in my dreams but I do recall one dream I had a few nights ago where I heard Mr. Crowley by Ozzy in a dream… I think I was playing it on guitar or something.

lol just beacuse i thought of that i dont hear music in my dreams i did tonight
i think my brain thinked “Now i gonna show my skills” :tongue:P

I’m pretty sure it’s common to not hear 3 hours worth of music in your dreams, but if you don’t hear any music at all in your dreams then I’d say its just you. I hear music all the time in my dreams. A lot of times it sounds exactly the same as it does IRL.

i also hear music in my dreams. i couple days ago the music was really loud and vivid and i thought it was because of my radio. but when i woke up the alarm hadn’t even gone off yet. i dont think its that common to hear music in dreams. i have only had music in 2 or 3 dreams of my past 4 months of dreams.

I hear lots of music in my dreams, but this may be because I’m a musician, singer and songwriter. In dreams, it is often music I compose that I hear. It would be weirder for me not to experience something that’s such a major part of my life.