Music at night - worth trying?

I imagine that if I time a device (like a PDA) to start playing suitable music in the night (when it is likely to coincide with REM sleep) it might “blend” with the dream without waking me up and provide a clue to my dream self… has anyone tried this? Is it worthy experiment?


It Might work. Once the sound of the Trash got into my dream and almost made me lucid.

I would bet it would be part of the dream, at least. I remember having a dream around what i heard on the tv. It started out as a scooby doo type thing, then my mom came in and turned it to the news (I was asleep in the living room) and It said seomthing about a church guy molesting a child, and I was 10 and didn’t know what that ment so it added up to scooby doo and gang running away from a priest…very strange…I also notice that in most dreams I have I’m not in them and watch from a 3rd person view…but that doesn’t have anything to do with this topic :tongue:

Relaxing music would probably helpo you fall asleep. So I say go for it :smile:

Or…even better…you could record yourself saying “This is a dream, do a reality check to prove it.” or something along those lines. You could have it play some music then intersperse that line about 5 times then music etc.

maybe if its a random song u never listen to.

It’s funny that you should happen to ask this now, because I’ve recently been re-reading Atheist’s DJ, and in it are multiple accounts of external sounds making their way into dreams.

At first, he played part of an interview on LDs while sleeping. While doing this, he was actually able to hear the interview more than once in his dreams. In one dream, his parents had started playing Christmas carols as he slept, and somebody in his dream started singing the same song… He also heard a radio in his dream once, and a nearby fan at least once. Also, he used a program to say things that were being said in the chatroom out loud, and apparently this had some affect on his dreams as well.

Oh yeah, he also recorded himself saying “Am I dreaming? Is this a dream?” etc. and set it to play in his sleep. Combined with turning the volume up too high, the result was rather humorous (though it probably wasn’t humorous to Atheist at the time :tongue: ).

i tried that last night didn’t work

I had the news that a family had died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a hotel blend into a dream once… somehow though it got assosiated with Stephen Fry (comedian, blackadder, QI)
doing the crime, which was completely ludicrous.

My experience is that it is hard to make music get through into a dream at an audible volume, without waking up from it. But, music has another use…it makes me fall asleep slower. It prolongs the HI period so it is possible to watch and enjoy vivid images that are triggered by the music, and sometimes these images can turn into a lucid dream. One of my best lucid dreams came after listening to the LOTR movie soundtrack and some very helpful mIRC speech. :cool:

Music helps you get to sleep slower :eek: , it does the opposite in my case.

One thing to note is that even if you encorparate music into your dream you still need to have intention to realize your dreaming or you won’t gain a benefit from this.