Music in an LD?

Just a simple question… I heard most electronics doesn’t work in a LD, but can I get some kind of radio to play music for me? Like, I choose the song it should play… Hopefully anyone can answer this.

And sorry if this is wrong forum


Tvs, radios and cdplayers work fine. You can listen to the band you want but often their music is not really “their music”. :cool:

Thanks, hopefully I will remember to listen to music in my first LD.

Music in lucid dreams is usually more intense and incredible in dreams. Definately go for it. May I recommend something with spanish guitar and is heavy with strings? :tongue:

I listen to mostly metal, you may recommend anything if you wish

MY dreams are generally void of music but sometimes it’s there. Remember you don’t need a machine to play the music. and If you have one, you don’t nee to touch it to make it play. I find electronics don’t respond well to normal manual use. Sweep your hand in front of it like Obi wan Kenobi if it doesn’t work.

I have always found music in my lucid dreams to be completely over the top and so gorgeous that it almost brings tears to my eyes. The best way I can describe it is something as bombastic as Queen type harmonies in Bohemian Rhapsody backed by a full 128 piece orchestra that has full dynamic range and completely unpredictable arrangements.

I’ve had nothing but good experiances with music in my LDs. I really recommend getting yourself to a concert in one of your LDs. Cool experiance, for sure.

Also, I’ve never actually heard music through walkmans or steroes or anything electronic. In LDs, when I’ve thought of this song… the song just plays in my head. As clear as you would hear it when you’ve got headphones on. Except you can still hear everything happening around you. And even though the songs have been pretty identical to the real thing, there always been something different about them. They’ve just been… better.The vocals have been different in some places, like the song is performed live. And instruments have been better too.

It’s just really, really GOOD!

I’ve heard two really random songs in one of my dreams. I’ve never heard them before, or I have and it’s just my sub-consious re-triggering it.

Mwehehe. Having your own soundtrack and background music is fun. I need to have background music in my dreams more often…

I’ve many great musics and songs from LD’s.
You should try to listen to radios and playing instruments.
If your radio doesn’t work, try turning it on while thinking about a known music, and then wait for something new.

Wow! Having music a dream sounds amazing. I really wanny try that now that I’m hearing how amazing it is! But I dont know how…once your lucid, do you just think of the music and it goes on?

Its really inoying when you have music playing IRL and you hear in your dream, becuase my brother listens to music when he goes to sleep. I remember last night in my LD the music completely distracted me, but when I forgot about it the music slowly faded away, lol. But that really doesn’t have anything to do with this.

This music thing is getting interesting, when I get my first LD I will listen to music… If I remember that is.

This sounds liek something I want to experience. My next dream quest will be to go to a large concert hall, and have the music played to me live as I watch it.

Last night I had a LD again (Yay, I am getting better!) and I was at a party and I remembered reading this topic about music so I had music play, it sounded different but it didn’t sound any better, am I doing something wrong?

It is my opinion that the music shouldn’t come from a dream device like a radio or speakers. That is imposing unneccesary limits on the realism of the music.

My most emotional musical scores eminate from all over in the dream world, like the soundtrack to the dream.

You aren’t doing anything wrong, but I think that you should try to think that the music is special somehow