Music in dreams

I’ve tried that but I can’t get to sleep when I do; I always end up awake hours later when the entire album has looped twice.

I’ve done that, but my parents always come in and turn down the volume (too low) so I can’t hear it. but the affecting your dreams with music is kinda cool… but what kind of music do you listen to? I wouldn’t want a song about death and destruction to be playing if that was going to happen.

It depends, really. Last time a CD loop heavily influenced my dreams, it was with Type O Negative’s “October Rust” album.

I once heard an incredible trance track that I never heard before… I still remember it, but have no means of actually bringing it to physical existence.

omg i did the other night! i had a dream that i had this guitar and i was playing these songs i knew! Like i played the entire Halo 2 theme electric guitar version, it was so awesome! i was even taking requests!

Wow now that sounds awesome!

I once passed out on my bed with my girlfriend at the time, I had some Ramones playing on my computer. They are my favourite band. I had a very short ND. In my dream, the I could hear the music. My cat was on my bed also, my cat jumped over me and in my dream I saw a wave going over me as the cat jumped over me in the real world. It was pretty cool.

Wow that sounds even more awesome!

Coming up with a lead guitar riff in your head while dreaming, that sounds incredible =0

yeah i sometimes do hear music and its music ive never heard before. sometimes when im drifting off my head will make up the weirdest stuff

I’m starting to think Lucid Dreaming could help in a lot of artistic things… just need to work out how to unlock our dreams to its fullest potential.

I once had a dream that Jimi Hendrix was playing a show for my friends and I. He was singing songs that were out of this world and I was blessed to hear Jimi sing about hope and freedom. That same night i had another dream that i was in a store and in front of a stereo. I turned up the volume and Jimi was still singing lyrics that he probably would have sang if he was still around, but he’ll always be with us :smile:

Recently I went to sleep with the intentions of finding out who i am. Everything was being shown to me, it involved so many things. I saw all the curves in my path and was given information that i’m sure i am making good use of but can’t remember! The only thing i do remember is being told about “tyrannical forces,” that constantly try to keep people asleep from the power they hold within. After this groundbreaking event, I “awoke” in my room to the sound of music playing on a stereo that i used to have plugged into the wall. To my surprise the music that was playing was singing about the prior dream i just had about the “tyrannical forces,” Hopefully i can bring that music into the waking life :smile:

Excellent first post! Welcome to LD4all :smile:

About music in dream, Paul McCartney heard the instruments of Yesterday in a dream and wrote the song when he woke up. To this day he claims it’s the most complete and perfect song he ever wrote.

Our memory and perception of music is exceptional when we imagine it, whether that be in a daydream or a REM dream. The latter is more pure because we experience it without the interuption of external stimuli or the “noise” from our conscious mind.

lol in one of my dreams i was on a different planet wiht flower 5 feet tall :cool: and these 2 guys were playing a HUGE piano which must’ve been like 400 keys and they were playing it with thier wangs!! :eek:

I’ve had some dreams where a band i like are playing music that sounds like another band and part of the tune is being made up by me.

Nearly everyday i wake up with some song in my head, either a favourite one or an annoying advert theme. I always notice background music or sounds that have a rhythm to them.

EDIT: Actually, From now on I’ll put the songs i wake up thinking of in my Dream Diary.

My dreams are usually empty of music. It’s sad because I love music. Sometimes it’s in there though. I remember once a strange sort of carnival music was playing. And recently I became lucid because I was flying and music came on, it reminded me of the music from the movie, hook.
It’s fun when RL music makes it’s way into the dream. Slightly altered, like Eek-a-mouse singing “you can’t keep a woman down.” And the original lyrics are “you can’t keep a good mouse down.”
Hypnogogic music, when avaliable can be especially exquisite.
Don’t know where I was going with this.

its the same like krakatoa for me. NO MUSIC FOR MEH :sad::(:frowning:

But i have heard beautiful music in real life that sounds very dreamy. There’s some guy in Sweden that lives in a pink house and he has the biggest and most advanced fricking synthesizer system i’ve ever seen! (i saw it on tv) The system is several metres high! And the music was the sweetest ive ever heard, but i barely remember it. Anyone here who knows who this guy IS?

i had a dream a couple of weeks ago… it had music playing im the background which i haerd the night before… i think its “your ding-a-ling” by chuch berry but i might have gotten that wrong. its a funny song full of innocent innuendo and my dream was funny cos there were all these people around singing it for ages.

There was also a refrence to “Evening Star” by dragonforce.

At the end of the dream i thought i was awake bu i was actually asleep - dreaming i was lsitening to “Morning Glory” by oasis lol

I know what you mean, sometimes while sleeping there will be music in my dreams, and it is so clear…its like the person singin the song is right inside my ear :smile:

Probably the reason the music sounds amazing is because it is coming from YOUR mind and YOUR thoughts, so they know what YOU want and would enjoy the most. :om: