Music in dreams....

Throughout the day there is usually a song playing through my head however its broken and i am never really able to play the whole song through which is kinda odd considering Im the drummer and singer for a small band which means i should be able to remember but anyway i find it kinda odd that I fall asleep with a song in the back of my head which wont go away no matter what so i just ignore it and start counting which is how i get my lucid dreams but its odd because when im in the dream sometimes that song will start playing but will be complete and not broken like it is when its going through my head during the day. So any explanation for this does my drain remember the whole song but only plays the parts I like or something?
This isn’t a problem i just find it strange that in dreams the songs are complete but not while I am fully awake.

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Any time I have a song stuck in my head it tendsa to repeat the most memorable parts. Why, I have no idea, but it’s true that the dream tends to make it more complete. Of course, it might only seem complete because we’re dreaming and your SC fills the gaps with… whatever. I know a lot of my favorite songs will have slight lyric changes in dreams at certain points, but I don’t pay too much attention.

When I repeat a song in my head during the day, I notice I’d think of some passages as being more complicated, or less remembered, or just plain uninteresting, so I’d skip that part and loop back to the interesting part again, this over and over, to the point I would wonder if I really remembered the other parts. Then, in a moment of peace, the song would play again, and I would just let it flow, and it would, playing straight down right to the end, singing passages I couldn’t say I remembered until a second before. In lucid dreams, this tends to happen quite often because of the privileged state of mind we’re in.

There’s also the factor that since a song is an ordered continuum, there’s no real reason to keep in mind anything but the single instant you’re singing right now: you listen a song moment by moment, and in the same way it is repeated, remembering moment after moment, on the spot. When going on with an ordinary train of thought, instead, I noticed my tendency to try and hold on to the whole passage I was trying to sing, at once, with the result I couldn’t go much farther than the chorus.