Music in LD?

Hey guys,
I didn’t have any LD yet, trying to find best method for me, but I was wondering last days.

If we wake up in the middle of the night, do some stuff for 20/30min and then go back to bad with headphones and we listen to one song. We listen this song pretty often.

Is there a chance we can hear this song in a dream and then - understand that we are in a dream?

Have a nice day.

Well I’ve had two LD dreams but neither were planned. I have read some and I do think that this could work. For example, a lot of people have been told to pay attention to lights in waking life and the time…that way they’ll notice them in their dream, or think of looking at their wrist to check the time and realize they’re asleep.
So I could see how you might use the song in a similar fashion.

Sweet dreams! :content:

[color=olive]I haven’t had success doing so but I’m sure you can if you really want to stick with it. It could take a while before it works.
You could also use that song as a reminder to do an RC and ask yourself the critical questions whenever you hear it IRL.
Critical questions such as:
-Am I dreaming?
-Where am I?
-Why am I here?
-What was I just doing?

That way you condition yourself to do so if you hear it in a dream or when you notice you haven’t heard the song in a while.

I will try this.
Beside that, i’ll try have question marked on my hand (is this a dream in my language), maybe i will look at my hand in dreams… :smile:

Nice I think it could work. Best of luck with lucidity. nods