music of your dreams?

posted something like this a long time ago on old forum but thought I’d post again

What are some new songs you’ve heard in your dreams if any? One I remember was a song that was kind of brit rock and rather slow and sad. It only had one lyric I can remember which was something like "The lie it makes you dirty :confused: Wish I could remember more.

I remember a song called ‘daughters of the milk’. I have no idea what it was supposed to mean. :neutral:

Uuuu, I was thinking about making the very similar topic, about music you heard in hypnagogic state so practically when you are hallucinating more then dreaming.

So to the music in dreams. Usually very calm and the most beautiful music. I don’t know why but every time I remember music from dreams or hypnagogic state there is only one description decent for this music: “The most beautiful music!”

Honestly don’t know why but it seems like that, it probably the impression I get when I dreams or hypnagogic state. That’s why I try to induce music when in hypnagogic state. Although I don’t like to interact with hypnagogic hallucinations because this I usually do. It’s mostly to extend the time I’m in hypnagogia which usually means that I will someway on the way screw things and wake up. That’s why I don’t like to interact with hallucinations but more go with them where ever they lead me…

Oh and I don’t remember if there were any words… :content:

No matter how silly the lyrics are, or how complicated and multi-layered the melody is, it always fit perfectly in a dream. I can’t remember ever hearing bad music in a dream. Some songs don’t make sense at all if I manage to remember them after waking up. It is almost as if they use a scale that real instruments can’t reproduce.

I’ve had strange pokemon songs in my dreams before…

One made me think of dying, a bit :’( And it was about flower feilds.

I’ve had non-nightmare songs too though but i don’t recall them as well.

had a dream just last night where there was a song on the radio at the dream identified it as being named “American Baha” by the band “Steel Yourself” ( sounds like a pretty good band name actually) Don’t really remember anything about it except it was sort of rock and roll and had an electric guitar

:lol: Heard a rap song about tearing something with your pinky.
“Imma tear it with ma pinky”