Music taylored to you alone in lucid dreams

The idea is this, ever listened to a song and been frustrated that it didn’t go a certain way you wanted?chorus was a let down? Well the idea is that no one knows the kind of music you love most than you yourself. So in a lucid you can use Bendrummins lucid dream pill method to spawn a cd and a cd player, and tell yourself that its going to contain the best music you’ve ever listened to, you might be surprised.

heh I like your idea. the music that our minds create while dreaming can be amazing. i am a pianoplayer and i once dreamt about writing a song and when i woke up i remembered it perfectly. it was pretty cool

Were you able to transfer the song from the lucid dream to real life? because I’m a guitar player and thats something I’d like to try, although not yet because I’m having trouble maintaining my LD’s.

it wasn’t even a lucid dream just a normal one, luckely i remembered it very well. I remembered the song perfectly but i didn’t remember the keys so i just sat down at my piano and started digging it up

I wish I could remember the music from my dreams… Of course, I’m a lousy musician IRL so I’d only be able to play it if it consisted mostly of power chords.

I’ve dreamt about some great music before though, I’ll try and remember to find some in my next lucid dream.

Someday I was just listen to that song that in that time has hearing just one time. I couldnt remember it in my real life. Someday I dreamed about this song and remember it well and it was just more good than in real life.

There was only one song I was ever able to remember from a dream and put to paper in real life.

I tried this last night, but all I got was a rock song reminiscient of the Animals. It was good, but not what I’d hoped for. I’ll try again though.

Try Bendrummins pill technique and specify exactly what you want. But could you elaborate on what you did etc.

I play the bass guitar and have had dreams where I am playing some cool music. I remembered most of it when I woke up and it really was pretty cool. In fact, it is now the bass line to one of my band’s best songs.

Yeah, I see an LD dream as a good way to help you with a stubborn song you can’t seem to remember. Your brain will know what song it is even if you can’t remember it when you are awake.

Was it easy to transfer the bass line music in your dream to your guitar in real life?

Well, the problem is I don’t know exactly what I want… I like many different kinds of music so I don’t know what I’d enjoy the most. Oh, and I did try a pill. Maybe next time I’ll try to ask for a specific band’s style.