Music to let your mind wander?

Have you got any specific song to help you increase creativity or simply relax and drift away?

I usually listen to “Dido - Here With Me” when I need to really think or relax. I simply put this song on and lie in my bed with my earphones, close my eyes and drift away.

So, tell me about your favourite music for relaxation or increased creativity :razz:

Aphex twin, the Selected Ambience Works volume 2. It has some really calm beatless songs on, and some quite scary ones too :tongue:

What’s even better is, the guy who made the album based it all on his experiences with LDs.

When I really need to concentrate I listen to Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan.

It is a really good piece of music… And it relaxes me and helps me think.

It’s in my signature :wink:

I like to listen to track 7 of the Dreamology EP from the Kahvi collective. It’s only 3 minutes long, but loops pretty well imho.

(Licensed under the creative commons, so feel free to download)

Hopeless by KT Tunstall

It’s quite relaxingly addictive.

Future sounds of london (FSOL) - Lifeforms EP
Very dreamy music, without being too ambient.
Brings me to places…

Ooooh, I like that album. Very otherworldly, I think.

What I do for thought processing music is: Ludivico Einaudi. It’s mainly piano and violin, it’s wonderful music to listen to while doing some writing or just meditating. Very thought provoking music.

Fifths of Seven - a trio of piano(sometimes replaced with accordion), mandolin, and cello. Experimental , classical goodness.

cLOUDDEAD - Ambient hip-hop. And before all you purists turn away from this because it’s hip-hop, don’t. Check these guys out, maybe you’ll have a new view of hip hop. One track features a blender solo. :lol:

Pandit Nikhil Banerjee - Beautiful sitar music.

mmh… Vangelis :smile:

merlins magic
evil grin

Boards of Canada and Stars of The Lid


Someone reccomeneded me to Mogwai: Happy Songs for Happy People
It’s pretty good too. Not a lot of voices mostly instrumental.

some of PJ Harvey’s new album!! Or… Kid A, the song - it has a xylophone bit at the start which is very relaxed and spacey. Trouble is, the rest of the song is a bit less relaxed. Maybe I could use audacity to get the start bit and loop it.

also… certain Pixies songs. ‘Havalina’ is my favourite of theirs (for this purpose, relaxing).

Vangelis is good, I find monk chants to be very soothing and inspiring. If I am in the right mood I might listen to electronica or some whimsical classics such as Clair De Lune. I think it just depends on what you’re comfortable listening to.

Spanish Train
By Chris De Burgh