Music Video/Trippy Dreams

Im sure at some point or another you’ve seen a trippy music video, might involved the characters walking from one enviro to another, dancing duplicates to erupt in a perfectly straight line to then proceed with a flashy dance of 12 or more people.

Anybody ever had one of these? i love music and try as often as i can to put music into my LDs (that is when im lucid enough), looking for tips both in successfully maintaining music but also in controlling lots and lots flashy effects performed solely to look cool for yourself. Mainly this is in reference to stability as you might be in an etheral environment or one with lots of detail in it, switching from 3rd to 1st person view regulary or simply trying to co-ordinate a ton of DCs into mimicing your moves/doing their bit in the musical.

The usual way to get music into your dreams is to listens to it while you sleep, it works for me