music while going to bed?

hello everyone,

i am a new member, turned on to ld from a friend. i am very into music (particularlly techno), and i listen to it throughout my day. it helps me get fired up for the day and also lets me wind down at night. i know it might be hard to understand, but techno helps me relax a great deal at night, and helps me sleep. for anyone who knows, do you think listening to music (more specifically techno/progressive house) has a positive, neutral or negative on LDing? thanks in advance for anyone who can help…


Hi detroitsfinest! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

IMO, listening to music has no effect on lucid dreaming.

well, i think it is well possible, IMHO, cos if you have music on you will(maybe) hear the music and think, her, i only have this music on when i go to bed so i must be dreaming
the only 2 problems are:
1: the music might wake you up
2: if it doesn’t you keep hearing it

thanks for the help guys.

I used to listen to music when I was little, but I didnt know what LDing was… I find it hard to fall asleep becasue it keeps my mind wondering and I just lay there awake. I LOVE TECHNO!! Never really tried that yet though. Most of my good techno is on records and I also dont have a hand held cd player to keep next to my bed.

I remember when I was little I would have my alarm sdet to the radio and when it went off in the morning, The song on the radio was in my dream.