Music while WILDing

Who listens to music while attempting to WILD?

My problem is I don’t want to have to wait to WBTB, I like to just do it with all the forum posts and excitement fresh in my mind. But lying there IS pretty boring. What are people’s experiences listening to music while getting SP? My only concern is that it would affect HI and HH

After what I’ve read, it’s probably best that you do NOT have any sound in the RL, cause that will make your dreams (LD) even less vivid, and may even cause it to fade away and wake you up.

So… yeah… that’s all I got to say.

well thru my experience with sound in RL, I wasn’t using music but the tv was on so i figure that counts. It seemed to work just fine, of course I believe I went OOB but that is always just as rewarding as WILD, to me even more so. Heh, if you get to OOB, i suggest screaming a demand for clarity, then ask to simply see more. If you go thru what i did, ull just fall thru the ground, fly thru the sky at the speed of light and end up in space. and it was as real as life. well if you or anyone happens to do this, tell me what you find in space, I saw floating demolished houses and ships. just curious. hope that helps helps, remember whatever you want to help you dream will help. dont listen to negativity cause its your mind.

[color=green]Hi Daneil :smile:

There is an experiment being run at the Lucid Lab, Audio Aided LD . It has worked really well for me. Unfortunately, these days im buried under assignments and have had no time to continue the experiment, but why dont you give it a shot?[/color]

I am actually going to attempt to use some audio tonight! Specefically, … uction.mp3

because on the thread so many people said it worked.

I will post here in the morning to say how it went.

Hey Daniel, where did you get that link cause it’s not working anymore : (?