Don’t know if this has ever been asked, but I was just wondering this today. Let’s say that in a dream, I become lucid, and I start flying in the air, soaring into the clouds.

Then, I think: I’d like some music to go this this. So, I think of REM’s “The Lifting” (a song I commonly associate with flying). If I really wanted to just start playing from the air, could it happen? Do you think our subconcious remember every little detail of any song?

I just posted in my DD about music in my dream. I’ve never done it before last night. But it was a ND and I could hear music. I’ve only ever heard this tune played ONCE and it was exactly the same, every bit of timing, every instrument used, every note, beat, break EVERYTHING. So if I can do this with an unknown song in a ND, I’m sure YOU cold do it with a known song in an LD!

A couple of times i have had a song appear in my dreams, i can never remember the lyrics and i’m pretty sure it doesn’t exsist in real life.

I’ve had the same experience with poetry. As for remembering songs that you may have only heard once, it’s not that unlinkely since most of it gets stored in the long term memory the subconscious mind is a great way to retrieve that information.

YES, I think your subconscious can remember “every little detail” of just about everything. It’s the part of your brain that stores all your memories, thoughts, physical sensations, etc. That’s why some people put a lot of stock in dreams meanings and interpretations: your sub-c knows all and can therefore SHARE all (even the repressed, hard-to-deal-with stuff).

My subconcious knows things I don’t. No really…like the dead eyes thing. That was scary. I think your sub-c is a completely different entity…

PistGurl: This doesn’t really pertain to the music subject, but the phrase “dead eyes” really creeped me out when I read it. It doesn’t really now, but I just got this cold feeling.


[color=indigo]you have good right to be creeped out…briefly: dream, wierd eyes, internet, dead body, eyes.


ok, back on topic…music. Can everyone hear music in dreams? or is it just some?[/color]

I heard music in a dream only one time that I can remember. Actually, it caused me to get lucid.

it may have been someone plistening to music IRL and it just carried over into dreams? As far as hearing music only if i am singing, being sung to or listening to a dream radio.

Funny story about that, Dark Matter. I heard the music (just…from the air), and I think “It’s trying to tell me to REMEMBER I’M DREAMING!” Then, I “wake up.” I look over at my radio, and the song is playing.

Of course, it was a FA. An alarm clock doesn’t even wake me up. The song was one that I had been listening to a lot, so…

I seem to be the only one posting at the mo, so I thought I may as well have the last post here as well lol! You know in cartoons where one guy is talking to a sleeping guy “1st prize, 1st prize, 1st prize” (simpsons!) and the sleeper dreams it? Why not get someone to do that with music? Get em to turn some cool music on, near you, quite loud but not loud enough to immediately wake you up, and then you’ll have music, maybe get lucid, and already have music if you DO get lucid!

PistGurl - people do that with the LaBerge interview on lucid dreaming. See Shortcuts forum.

YES!!! It is absolutly possible to do something in the dream. You just kinda have to will it to happen.

Also I like the idea where you think, this is not real and thus I can do whatever I want

I actually tested this out last night during my lucid dream. Check out my dream diary to see what happened.

i had a way cool experience with metallicas the unforgiven, THOUGH, it was not entirely accurate sounding to my recollection … m_id=38087

What I find is that sometimes I’ll be singing in a dream and I think I might start singing in real life, because at first I sound JUST like who I want to sound like, and I’m so proud of myself, then my voice goes horrible and weak and hard to control… I’d really love to test that out to see if I was really singing.

I know some people sing in their sleep.

Oh and I think that when you are sleeping you can pick up on subliminals in music… this one time on a 27 hour bus ride back from florida I was listening to Tool’s Salival, several times… wavering in and out of sleep a lot… and… I sort of became semi-conscious during their version of No Quarter (absolutely amazing, I highly recommend downloading it) and well, they have a rather infamous hard to hear whipsered message in it, no one is really sure what it is…

Well I was hearing it while it was going on… all of a sudden I remember relaizing “wow, I need to remember this” but… when I woke up, the thing is… I didn’t even remember that I was hearing it… it wasn’t until a day later that the experience re-entered my head, and I realized that I had in fact heard it.

now if only I could remember what I heard.

It could have been my subconscious generating it… but I don’t think so… when we sleep/awake from sleep our hearing is often extremely vivid and acute, and you are capable of dissecting certain sounds (QUIET ones) and hearing them as equally well as surrounding much louder sounds.

(i’ve observed this by hearing tiny echos of sound waves from my fan bouncing off my wall, and having them be so loud I thought some sort of alien was outside my window)

Songs sound the same in dreams from what i recall of my dreams/lucid dreams, but i cannot say for sure, cause i loose such details after i have woken up anyways… But i know that during the dream, it sounded completly the same to me and same thing goes for the parts i remember after i have woken up.

If you want to experience something more interesting, then tell your brain to compose a non existant song instead. You will be amazed of the music your brain is capable of creating! The best music i have ever heard, has been played in dreams or in hypnogogics state. :smile:
I sometimes even remembered parts of lyrics and tune even after waking up.

Now you are scaring me.

Tomas, have you ever created music IRL? I have heard of some famous composers who got music through dreams. If it only was easier to remember! It is as if music in dreams are written in another language than real life music. It almost never sounds the same on the keyboard, and it sounds definitely not the same when I try to sing it. :smile:

maybe try telling your mind to write something in standard tuning that you know you are capable of playing in real life?

I want to try that.