While your trying to LD does it matter if there is music in the background? Will it interrupt it?

ive had some trouble with music playing in the background when attempting WILD. that was the only times ive played music purposily while going to sleep. i figured i could pay attention to the music as my body falls asleep, enabling me to concentrate. problem was i stopped paying attention to the music, then as my body fell asleep i wondered why i couldnt hear the music and tried to listen and woke up quickly…ive heard some sucess of people who have been able to hear the music in their dream and become lucid…

Yeah I think it might not work work if you’re trying to have a WILD, but if you’re going for some sort of DILD then I wouldnt worry about leaving music on.

Same problem here… :neutral:

so does this mean even listening to my brainwave generator will screw up my WILD? What about the Lucid incuding mp3’s by LaBerge? He made them specificly to make you go lucid while you’re sleeping. Unless you’re talkilng about normal music… If normal music isn’t good for WILD, then what kind is? I already have my ideas, im just curious what others might think.

When you listen to certain kinds of music, it’s gets you thinking of other things and you can’t really focus enough to do WILD. If the music only relax you, be free to try, but please don’t use “contemplate music”. :wink:

No music for the best results. You’ll want to exterminate any distractions and any sounds, including music, coming from the external world. Your focuses should be centered on the internal world.

Yeah, as you body falls asleep, you ability to hear is sort of trashed, too. You could use it as and indicator though, I guess. I’ve never tried myself, but I suppose as you fall asleep maybe the sound would sound further and further away.

Try it out and let me know what happens.

Ive been using music to help me WILD and it has given me good results, i play some calm music forabout 10 minutes, and let my thoughts wander for that time, after the music stops i already have SP and just have to wait 5 more mins to feel the vibrations, i think that if i didnt use it id probably get bored while WILDing :razz:

I suppose I should try that…

You only listen to music for 10 minutes before SP!? That’s insane! How do you do it?

I was going to ask if you were sure it was sleep paralysis or is it just a heavy body. I can have a heavy body and sealed eyes in about 20 minutes, but full blown sleep paralysis, where you can’t move (no matter how hard you try) is almost unbelievable in 10 minutes.

If it really is full blown SP, please share your full technique.

Much thanx!

i think that if i didnt use it id probably get bored while WILDing tounge2

Do you have no active imagination!!?
How could you get bored with thought?! I suggest you quit the music, just for a few nights and try making up a story! All you have to do is think for a moment and something great will come. For example, while writing this I thought of a giant black horse crushing chariots with the mere drop of it’s hoof. You take an image like that an work off of it by asking questions. Example: Well, why is there a giant horse crushing chariots in this small village?


From another perspective, sometimes it isn’t about being bored that someone might need music. I use it to block out the obnoxious noises of the dorm hall. If I have music going the yelling and whatnot doesn’t jar me awake. So for me I’ve gotten alot further with WILD while using music.

Anyway, my 2 cents.

i can’t listen to music passively if i have nothing physical to focus my attention on, like reading slashdot or glueing bits of paper to other bits of paper.

bwgen, on the other hand, really helps me focus on meditation or whatever.