Ive been going to bed with classical music on repeat, at a little higher than quiet volume. Since, I have woken up around 5-6 hours after going to sleep, perfect for WBTB!

I know the volume counts because my father turned it down last night and it didnt work (the ONE night i remembered to try WBTB…)

Try it, see if it works for you!

Sounds interesting. I have never had a lucid dream, so this may help.

Usually, I will listen to classic music for a nap in the afternoon, mostly “Chopin”.

Last time I did that, I did not LD but had False Awakening :smile:

I agree with the volume level. Too high might keep you awake, and too low… well…

I always listen to music when I go to bed I just have the radio on all night : p. But it never really worked for me for LD. The radio just has like alternative stuff on.

My friend listens to music to WILD.

Although he listens to Hammerfall. :meh:

I think the different persons need different kinds of music for this method. Par exemple, I think I would need some dark ambient. :content:

…and for me I can’t seem to listen to music. It keeps me awake!

Even on a very low volume?

I go to sleep with the XM Classics on very low volume every night, though I never wake up. Though sometimes if I whistle in the daytime I’ll whistle a tune that sounds like a classical melody I never heard before. I never did it to try dreaming, I just find it very conducive to a sleep state. Hehe… I go to sleep listening to Classical and wake up to Death Metal. I’m a very contrasted sort of person :razz:.

Anyway, I might try to go to sleep each night with it set on a slightly higher volume. I may wake up for the Operas. While I love Classical music for the most part, I find opera quite irritating.