What music do you’s listen to? I have quite a wide range of musical tastes myself. Bands include:

Tool - My favourite band. Great mix of metal and Talent
Queens of the stone Age - great band. can’t wait for their next album
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Awesome stuff. Love that funk.
Future Sound of London - The only thing close to IDM which I like.
Alphawezen - Great mix of Drum’n’bass with trance.

And much more.


Tool rules! :smile:

But this brings me to a question:
Does anyone has experience with music and the WILD method?

Any kind of music in particular?
(Maybe Radiohead or Sigur Ros?)

Radiohead…sweet…sweet…Radiohead :music:

Massive Attack
Malk de Koijn

I remember a song by tool which is called “Die Eier von Satan” (German for “the devils balls”).

The lyrics are a german description for how to make biscuits containing hash.

I find it funny to see that some Americans who are unable to understand what they sing jump around screaming at their concerts. :wink:

But there are also many Germans, who can’t understand English lyrics, too, and behave in the same way.

My favorite bands are “POD”, “Offspring” or “System of a Down” but I care less for the bands than for the songs.

Yeah Tool kicks ass. Gonne see them live for the first time soon, cant wait :happy:

I have also a wide range of tastes:
-Aphex Twin
-Caustic Window
-Mike & Rich
-TAN 109
-Bradley Strider
-Polygon Window
-Richard D. James

the beatles are sweet,
bob marley,
the beastie boys,
snoop dogg,
dr. dre was nice,
redman and method man,
bob dylan

nice mix right there :cool:

I’m into old Mod/Rock/Punk and similar new stuff, like:
-The Who
-The Rolling Stones
-The Clash
-The Beatles
-Dandy warhols
-The Strokes

Good WILD Music That i also like:
-Mercury Rev
-Badly drawn boy
and other quiet moody music like that…
I’m also in a band with some friends called ‘The Clampdown’ which is fun.
:music: :music: :music:

For trying MWILD I once used New Order but it did not help at all. Maybe MWILD isn’t the right way to go for me.

Did anybody of you try to include brainwaves into your favorite music? And most importantly: Did it work?


Great idea AI!
We are going to record a new CD this year. Maybe we can try to include some brainwaves in the last song…

I’ll discuss this with the rest of the band.
Would be a nice thing to try out! :music:

Anyone has some good (scientific) resources about this subject?

I have tried a program called ‘brainwave generator’ a while ago and it had some effect: It made me feel really weird! :content:

personally i use trance music (astral projection) and radiohead

Hypnodude: Search for the subject “Binaural Beats”, then you’ll finde something about it.
I know that the program “Cool Edit” can generate Binaural Beats in music.

har har. very funny. :razz:

Radioheads earlier stuff is rad, but I can’t stand amnesiac.

For LD’ing, I suggest Future Sound of london. It works well.

Portishead are great too.

I have a program which creates binaural beats. You can set it to cure headaches, induce sleep, hypnosis, awaken, meditation, etc. I’m not sure whether its all a placebo effect, but it seems to work quite well.

I like Radiohead a lot too and I used it for MWILD this morning, too bad I wasn’t able to fall asleep. I had severe numbness and quite strong hypnagogic imagery but just couldn’t go any deeper. I guess I slept too much before getting out of bed.

Another one:

Last night I tried MWILD with Scenes from a Memory from Dream Theater.
I guess it’s all in a name… :wink:

Anyway, for met that CD is a good way for staying consious while watching the hypnagogic imagery. :smile:
However, I did not have a LD. I just fell asleep after 30 minutes or so. :}

tool is my music of choice
with nin coming in a close second

@ hypnodude: You can get a demo version of Cool Edit from I’m sure you know where to get a s/n if you are too poor to buy it :wink: .

To get a description on how to use the program check out the following (lucid dreaming) site:

Thanks ai! :wink:

I’ll get it and do some experiments with it.
If I can blend it with our music we’ll put it on our next CD!

We have never used a computer to generate sounds in our music before, but - hey - one time has to be the first time. :wink:

Hope it will work out!

You can download an older version of cool edit, CoolEdit96, which gives you everything you need without having to pay if you want to keep using it after a certain period (you will have to pay with the newer versions, and you won’t find CoolEdit96 on the Syntrillium site.

Download CoolEdit 96: