Two of my favourites are Bjork and Jeff Buckley - As singers and songwriters they’re special and passionate people.

Usually i listen to death and black metal. But i have currently gotten back to the music that started me off, hop hop and rap. I continually listen to Bone thugs n harmony and Nas, and Tupac. So that’s what’s up.

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Mine is punk rise against is good

Wow i have alot but mostly metal and reggae [weird combo i know… XD]

techno ,classic,hip-hop,a little trip-hop(thanks webas:)) new age (mostly vangelis) [and you think YOU hear weird combinations lironyan !]oh… and NO rock for me (just not my taste)

who here likes the band Pulp?

I do!

and also Radiohead, errm, Arcade Fire… errr.

haha, my mother is crazy about them! hides LD4all from her

:yes: I like Pulp … even copied the songs off the CDs to the computer (and I have only done that with a few of my CDs)

The first Pulp song I heard was Common People :smile:

Marilyn Manson, of course! (Surprise, surprise, eh? :razz:) I have yet to find a band or singer that has affected me as deeply.

synthetic “muzic” is great, techno/trance/dance, New ageish music is nice as well, i haven’t been able to pick a favorite artist and stick with them for very long, however, there are just so many.

i don’t THINK i posted here

umm i like a LOT of music

mostly rock though

Classic Rock is the best, The Beatles, Led Zepplan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, et cetra.

Metal, yeah, gotta love metal. Though i’m not a huge fan of black or death metal.

I like Dimmu Borjier (or however you spell it), System of a Down, Metallica, Black Sabboth, that kinda stuff.

I like a lot of alt rock too… pretty much anything rock.

Also, Indie, gotta love indie. Death Cab, The Killers, yeah!

and a little bit of pop too

and :ummm:

Classical music if i am in the mood.

im a hip-hop head…

I like artists like Mos-Def, Outkast, MF DOOM, Eminem, 2pac, Run DMC, Common, The Roots

Other than that i’m into rock of all sorts -AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, and THE CLASH!!

And all sorts of electronic/dance/DnB mewsik!

i love mewsik! :tongue:

I like progressive rock/metal.
Favorite bands… hmm The Tangent :razz:, Transatlantic, Marillion…

I like eletronic music sometimes too

Rap, Metal, Video Game Orchestra

i love musicals, especially phantom of the opera :tongue:
rent is AWESOME! i’m listening to la vi boheme right now!
i love meg & dia. i just got their cd, and i love it!
i don’t know, recently all i’ve been listening to is RENT…

TRJR Dimmu Borgir is the correct spelling. yeah they are awesome. ManOWar, Judas Priest, Dark throne, Darkfuneral and the such are what i really love and Behemoth

I tend to like the extreme ends of the muzic spectrum. Which means stuff like heavy metal/hard rock and smooth jazz/elevator music/chillout.

If it’s too smack-dab in the middle, it has to be real good for me to like it. Oh well, Asia is a really good 80s progressive rock band i often listen to…

I’m pretty open minded. I listen to things from most genres. There is certain stuff i can’t stand though, certain types of dance.

I mainly listen to Rock or Metal. Favourite band being Guns N’ Roses :content: I’m in love with any band that has guitarist Slash in it :cool: Everything he’s done i love! Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and everything in between.

Couple other favourite bands just now are Muse and Black Label Society.

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What kind of genre do you guys listen to on a daily basis? And what kind of bands do you listen to (list what genre it is)? I’m mostly alternative, I like some rock and electronic, classical and indie.

I don’t really mind what music i listen to as long at i like it, but i like indie and rock the most.

I like Maximo park and bloc Party too.