What the heck, Arabinator… You could have given us a warning first! :tongue:

why what’s on there?

check it yourself.

Ah, music… one of my favorite subjects :razz:

I love all music, but my favorite genres are rock (various kinds), rap (underground, not mainstream), and classical/opera.

Favorite bands/groups: Marilyn Manson, Korn, ICP, Twiztid, Within Temptation, Coal Chamber (I’ve only heard their “Chamber Music” album, but it’s one of my absolute favorite albums), The Beatles (of course), The Doors, and Type O Negative

Speedcore. Not something you’d die from, but still. :wink:

Not really my thing though, I must say. I’m more into alternative metal, and sometimes much more relaxed stuff, if the mood takes me. Here’s some good stuff (in my ears :wink: ): … rstorm.mp3 - awesome metal (ish) … arrier.mp3 - awesome balad - a rock opera, actually… But awesome as well. :content:

I like rock!

The Pixies!

Go Rock!!

Go SpeedCore!

Steely Dan, Toto, Alan Parsons Project followed by almost any classic rock … Clapton, Floyd, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Extreme.

Also … Coldplay, Creed, Pearl Jam, Prasanna.

Ah … I listen to too many bands, but the first 3 are what I listen to the most.

Kid A by Radiohead! Rocks, well it… umm, electrics! ha ha, it’s electronic music isn’t it, so… rock music rocks, electronis music electronic music electronics. Ah I’m eccentric.

Beck is amazing as well. He is pure genius.
And yes, all of Radiohead is definitely my favorite! :grin:

I just got this album the other day. Is anyone else into this? … %27re_Dead

I’ll listen to just about anything. The jazz genre really appeals to me. Techno. Especially DJ Tiesto… he’s good. I probably listen to Korean rock and J-Pop more than anything. I loathe rap with a passion (I don’t know… it just hasn’t been the same since the end of the 90s. I really liked A Tribe Called Quest and Will Smith. Eminem and 2Pac. None of the new stuff is at all what I would call music).

The Beatles have a lot of good stuff. I think I’m partial to the older generation stuff. From the 90s and back with a few exceptions to the 2000s. shrugs

R&B. Classical. Heavy Metal. Country… Yeah, I’ll listen to anything as long as it’s substantial in meaning.

Hip Hop
(yep i now its perverse to hear both but i do it)

A queer mix I know…but well thats my taste :smile:

Me :grin:

Atreyu,Cradle Of Filth,Trail Of Tears,Type O Negative, Napalm Death And Slipknot those are my bands

uhh, classic rock, all the way

who’s with mah?

grindcore, powerviolence, skramz.

Oh you young wippersnappers with your crazy shenanigans. Oh wait, I’m young.

Folk Rock.
Indie Pop/Rock.

I can’t stand grindcore/emo metal… ugh, it’s just disgusting grunting noises to extremely bad guitar. And it’s for emo people.

i love classic rock, rap, blues, and reggae!!, ya man