My 1st real lucid dream!!

:content: Hi everyone!

Today at night i was trying to do some WIlD but looks like it worked like MILD but anyway... I had this crazy dream that there was this party at my family houses where there was many different ppl (including Cher, yeah the singer)later one i was in a different house then i was cursed with some kind of "The Ring" curse. 

But later one i had, let's say my third dream in that night.

I was laying down in my bed, then i got up and i see what apparently is a monster. I see that monster throwing up some things under the bed and in that precise moment i become lucid, i dunno why but i did. After that i thought “im LDing what i gonna do now that i have this opportunity” (something like that i thought). But then i just let my imagination to flow and do whatever it was in the dream to change.

:smile: While going out from my bedroom(actually my brother's bedroom) i notice im going out my living room looking at the hallway and seeing a Gremlin(?? yeah a Gremlin from the movie) but with 4 long arms and it was the "good" gremlin.

But i got scared a little bit even being lucid and knowing that he was just my imagination. Then i said to myself “why walk when i can fly” i tried to fly but i just fly over 2 meters from the floor( i felt great!). After that i thought "I want to transform him into Dolores O’Riordan(former Cranberries singer) and i did but she looked like cartoon/pastel style and didn’t look too much like her. But anyway, then i got outside my house and found my dog “blackie” and i wanted to transform him into a Doggie-unicorn (lol) but then the LD ended. :cry:

Just some questions:
How lucid i was? (i knew i was able to control almost everything but something didn’t let me or i wasn’t able to change the scenario)
Sure it was LD or just a Dream?(i know it was LD)
Is the ability to transforms things and fly the first basic things doing in LD?
And the last but not least…
When you’re LDing can you wake up when you want and you can hear what’s happening in your room/house?(cuz i was hearing my mom talking while i was LDing, maybe she make me Lucid)

do you like the Cranberries’ song “dreams” as much as I do? :content:
That song should be on our “dream song” list in centerstage! :happy:

To answer your questions:

Lucidity is not about control, it is about “knowing you are dreaming.” Only you can determine “how lucid you were.”
Did you fully understand at the time that everything was a dream?
If so, you were fully lucid! :content:

Again, only you can truly answer. Sometimes we have “false lucid dreams” FLD s
These are dreams were we dream that we are lucid, but after we wake up we realize that it wasn’t a LD.

No. The first basic thing to do in a LD is to shout “WOW!!! I’m inside a dream!” :lol: Your level of lucidity is not measured on what you can accomplish while lucid. You could have a 30 minute long LD that is vivid and clear, but you choose to lounge on the grass the whole time … but it doesn’t mean you are “less lucid.”

And the last but not least…

Some people can wake themselves up easily, and some people wake up into FA s.
I personally can very easily wake myself up from LD s.
I’ve also been able to hear waking life sounds that I’ve later verified were waking sounds.

PS: I’ve went to Cher’s birthday party in a dream! :grin:

hehe, she was there in a party with someone else famous too.
I was angry cuz my camera didn’t work so i could take a pic with her.

Congrats man :grin:.

DA’s answered all your questions, so there’s not much for me to add except:

I’ve had high level LD’s (half and hour long, extremely vivid etc) but with very little control. I seem to have created a mental block when it comes to controlling my dreams (especially flying and walking through walls) that I’m working on getting over. I’m getting better… so yay :wink:.

Thanks man!
Wow half and hour long? that’s really impressive. Im starting with just 7-14 seconds long then i woke up. My level of lucidity was like 7/10. And wow it feels weird but nice at the same time. I hope you can control your dreams more efficiently.

Congrats Cranberrydude!

The first you always remember! :wink:

Mine was 20 years ago :smile:
I still remember it like yesterday!
I ate a whole candy shop more or less empty and was surprised by the awsome realistic taste of all candy and food and drinks!


I can imagine how exciting it must be to have your first. The really exciting part is that it will be the first of many. I’m really amazed with how long you were able to maintain lucidity and able to fly on your first try (my first was about 20 minutes, and I hadn’t learned to fly confidently until about 3 later). You must have a natural nack for it (not to say there is anything un-natural about LDing). Congrats!

Strangely enough, my first LD was one of the longest and most vivid yet!!

Tobedanbeyond (original name btw :wink: )

Hmmm thats indeed funny your first ld was your longest.
How long have you been a lucid dreamer?


Probably becuase in your first LD, you kept on comparing things to real life but no longer do so (which is why they don’t seem so vivid).

In your next LD, try looking at/touching something and thining about how real it is. Also, consider how you actually seem to be in the dream, how you seem to have a body and howe evrything around you seems real, but is actually all in your mind.

That should recreate the vividness (if not surpass it) :cool:.

Lol, sureal, you need to put a link to that in your sig… you say it every 5th post anyway… :tongue:

Thanks Jeff!
20 years? wow cleand mind you have there.

Thanks Ghost!!
Yeah although this was my third actually but it was my real first LD in others words(very LD) my first one was weird cuz i had one eye half opened and i was seeing my bedroom while i was LDing. But you did 20m in your 1st? that’s really awesome ghost!!

My first one was when i was 7-14 years old, my second was this past friday (01/14/05) and my last one was this past sunday(01/16/05); the last 2 had 2 days of difference meaning that today :smile: i will have my 4th!!! i hope :bored: