My 2nd Lucid Dream A weird phenomenon.Can somebody Explain?

This was My second Lucid Dream.
When I go to sleep I keep My cellphone near me and I sleep near the wall.The cellphone is between me and the wall.

So the dream I had was like this.
In my Dream I wake up in the same place where I sleep the same bed room same wall exactly the same location.So basically it was a false awakening.Please notice that I woke up IN MY DREAM FROM SLEEP AND NOT FROM OTHER DREAM.So when I wake up in My Dream I check My cellphone just like I do in real life.The cellphone displays 1 message received and 9 miss calls.There is a weird symbol near the miss call notification that I generally don’t see in real life.So I open the text message and I see a black and white image, then suddenly a thought rushes through My mind.“Am I dreaming?” I do a reality check I try to push My hand through the wall and whoop it goes straight through it.I become excited I try to concentrate something else in the room but the room is dark because I had switched off the light.I try to desperately search something in the room so I could concentrate on that thing and try to stabilize My dream but suddenly I fall down I’m sitting on the bed but I loose My balance as I loose My balance and hit the ground upper back breaks and then I hit My head and My neck breaks I feel that I have died and I scream in My dream the screaming part takes in My Dream and then I slowly wake up as I wake and open My eyes slowly I get a feeling as If I am returning to My body.(Is that OBE?)It was an amazing feeling I cant explain in words I am still high on that feeling since 4 hrs ago experiencing it.Now continuing, as I returned to My body a strange phenomenon occurred.I was screaming in my dream and as I slowly woke up My mouth was open I was still trying to scream but I just couldn’t produce sound as If I had lost My voice I was trying so hard there was just no sound coming.Why did this happen?

GRATZ CHETAN :razz:. Your growing up so fast :happy: EDIT: <— was said before i read in pure excitement. Interesting dream. you broke your neck and back (reading this as i go to sleep haha.) OBE is were you do a WILD. (go to sleep conscious and enter the dream conscious) but instead of going to a dream you kinda float away from your bod and can still see it and stuff. But that’s really cool and I get it feels great to have another one :tongue:.

Hi GnarGnar,
Well, the feeling I had when I was waking up was as If My soul was roaming somewhere and it returned to My body.I had never ever in My life felt like this.It was like being in a roller coaster that dropped straight from the clouds.When I fully woke up there was a strange buzz in my body as if some current was running through it.I died in My dream FULLY AWARE of it and I am like born again.

Total Nirvana.I just love My life more than ever.Who ever is not having LD’s for sure is missing the best part of his life. :smile:

Hey chetan123, congrats! It actually sounds a lot like my experience yesterday with FA :razz:. It was also dark for me, so I tried to imagine a blindfold that I was going to take off.

It does sound like you had a AP/OOBE, they usually feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before. The buzz you heard in your ear is something you tend to experience when you AP or OOBE. The feeling is completely different from LDs, so I’m sure you were AP/OOBE -ing as you also explain you felt like your soul was roaming around. :content:

As for the part of your mouth opening, sometimes we do act out little parts in our dreams. I know that my parents often talk in their sleep haha. I did some research, and found out that sometimes SP fails, which then allows us to sleepwalk or sleeptalk. Also RBD(REM sleep behaviour disorder) and sleep terrors can causes you to shout or act out your dream. So I’d say you fall under the sleep terror category, as you did mention thinking you died when you fell. :wink:
Hope I cleared up some things!

Hey Starry gwee,
That Blindfold idea is a very good. :cool: I’ll definitely try next time if I am In a very dark place.This was My second FA since I started LD’ing.FA’s are so tricky. :bored: First time it got me.Infact the first time I had FA.I woke from a dream in My dream and still in a dream I told My dad I was trying to LD. :content:

Sounds interesting! I’m always really skeptic when it comes to things like OBE/AP, but it reminds me a little of a (scientific, not new-age) book I read about shamanism.

In many cultures which practice(d) shamanism, the shaman gets cut in pieces and is then put back together. I think it was some kind of ‘first step’ for the shaman, a cleansing before he got a ‘real’ shaman, but I’m not sure about it. I’d have to go to the library and check it again.

Maybe death experiences (to which getting cut in pieces belongs to, I believe :grin:) induce a special feeling like that? Can anyone else who died in a LD confirm such a thing?

Sorry for the offtopic, but if this is true, and you could develop a technique which avoids SP, couldn’t you just go and attach a keyboard to your fingers in order to type down directly what you see? Just like in that XKCD comic.
I know this is highly speculative and probably not about to happen, but still… :devil: