My 3rd lucid dream!!!!

Okay, well I think I had a few regular dreams and then the last dream, I was talking to some guy, and i was right in his face and I was saying, “Dude. You’re dreaming!! don’t you know that?” and he kinda looked at me funny… and then I said out loud, Hey, I’m dreaming!! and the first thing I did was I tried to fly. Right after I said that I turned around, and jumped and I was like, hmm… hopefully this works so I jumped and I kinda stayed in the air then i started goin down really slowly… only like a few inches and then the dream started to fade and i was like, no no no no no… and it faded… i never think about rubbing my hands or anything. I also was thinking during the dream… “im gonna be so excited that I had a lucid dream when I wake up!” lol and i was…
Well it was pretty cool. :smile:

Congrats :grin: Try to remind yourself before going to sleep to rub your hands as soon as you become lucid. That might help!