My attempt at lucid dreaming

Hey everybody!

I have recently discovered lucid dreaming and this is my third night attempting to go into lucid dreaming via the WILD method.

Last night, in my dreams i was standing in my bedroom and my windows were closed. I wanted my windows to be open but in my head, i thought “I’ll keep it closed, its a dream anyways.” But the weird thing was, i didn’t know i was in my dreams!

Am i getting closer to Lucid dreaming?

Please give me your thoughts,



Before you WILD-ing it’s good to sleep for least 4 hours, because we enter REM sleep after 90 - 120 minutes, so it’s basically impossible to WILD at the beginning of sleep cycle!

Try doing RC and question every situation… By doing this you will put your awareness to the next level and it will be easier to became lucid!

Thanks for the useful tips db_FTS!, i have tried doing RC but for some reason i always forget and i found it usual to walk around wearing only underwear in my dreams lol.
I guess i must ask myself during the day time if i am in a dream or not.

Edit: Is it a good time to have WILD LD as soon as i wake up in the morning after 6-10 hours sleep?


Yes, that’s a really good sign! You just need a bit more awareness like dB_FTS said :content:

Basically yes. You can combine WILD with WBTB, this should give you better results. Also naps are a good time to WILD.

Thanks for the heads up Leijona :smile:


Yes, the dream you had there is a good sign that the real LD’s are on their way to you. Keep improving your recall, do reality checks, read stuff about lucid dreaming and you should have a LD in not time. I was also dreaming about dreams before I had my first lucid dream.
The WILD technique you’ve chosen is really hard to accomplish. Although this technique may seem very solid and excellent, it’s very hard to do for beginners. Of course though, you can always give it a try, although I would suggest practicing MILD/WBTB to get a few DILDS before you move onto WILD.
If you want to have more DILD’s, I would also suggest the all day awareness technique. Basically, it involves living every day as if it were a dream. Feeling every object as if it were a dream object. Keep yourself aware of your surroundings etc. It works in the same manner as RC’s. If you make it a habbit to live like that, you will become lucid in your dreams.
Good luck on getting lucid dreams :smile:

Thats Myth! Dreams do not depends on REM sleep. In NREM there are tooo dreams

True, but the chances of that are pretty small and attempting WILD in NREM sleep is pretty long shot especially for a beginner…

I wouldn’t suggest relying on NREM “dreams” as they happen rarely. Also they are more like hallucinations, non vivid dreams. For the most enjoyable and real experience, WILD after 4,5-6 hours of sleep.

you say…my transition usually doesnt take more than 5 minutes and i have complete awareness and stabilty in dream just as in WL.
And your theory that you need 4,5-6 hours of sleep to have good LD doesnt fit into doing WILD during naps :roll:
WBTB merely decreases chances of falling asleep involuntary.

I have read: CLICK

Yes, I forgot to mention that you can WILD during naps too, if you can fall asleep during the day pretty quickly.

And naps are totally different from the standard evening sleep. Naps mostly consist of REM sleep, while evening sleep mostly has NREM sleep. Therefore, when you WILD during your nap, it will take little time to enter the dream. It depends on how easy you fall asleep.

If you are planning to WILD during afternoon nap, try to wake up earlier in the morning. That way, you will be more tired and will fall asleep more easily during the day.

Ok… i just say that its possible to hsve good dreams wth WILD before bed :content: