My attempt at WILD. How close did I get?

Yesterday I tried the WILD method. It didn’t work, but I felt like I was really close.

First of all, I closed my eyes, relaxed all my muscles and I started breathing slowly. I tried to concentrate on my breathing, so I won’t be distracted.
After a while, my body started going numb and shortly after, I could see random shapes moving (though everything was black).
The more I waited, the more I felt my body becoming numb and I also felt some vibrations.
I did get distracted a couple of times, but I concentrated on my breathing again and again.
The shapes were still in blackness, but they seemed more vivid.
An hour had passed and I gave up since I seemed to get distracted way too much.

I rested for a bit and explored the forums since I thought it might help for my second attempt.

This time I was more tired and I figured that was a good sign.
I started the same way and I stayed focused on my breathing. This time I reached the numbness/vibrations stage much faster.
The shapes became vivid steadily, but I still couldn’t make out what they were, since they were in blackness again.
After some more breathing, my body felt like it was floating. I tried to imagine rolling or sinking down but neither worked and I stayed in that stage.
Soon, I figured I should try to move. I managed to move, so I guess I wasn’t really in SP?

I don’t know if I was even doing it the right way. Help? :help:

It looks like you’re doing fine for now. Just remember to relax and let everything go. If you concentrate on the feelings and sensations of your body too much you will distract yourself. Concentrate inward, not outward.

Also, it looks like you’re doing WILD right when you go to sleep. I’d suggest you try it after sleeping 4-6 hours first. It really speeds up the process and you get to avoid a lot of distracting things like excess vibrations

I’m trying to learn autosuggestion so I can wake myself up to do WILD easier, but it looks like i’m bad at it.
I can’t use an alarm for personal reasons, so all I can do is learn autosuggestion. Thanks for the tips!

OK, autosuggestion can work really well also. Just tell yourself to remember that you’re going to wake up in x number of hours. It’s just like reminding yourself you have to be somewhere at a certain time. If you set the intention, you’ll remember. And of course, doing it as you go to bed helped, but you can also remind yourself through the day. For me it helped to keep track of number of hours until I wanted to wake up during the day. Other people find it easier to say a specific time, like 5 a.m.