my attempts at lucid dreaming... what happened??

recently, I have been reading about lucid dreaming, and trying to enter the state through ways i have read off the internet. It has never close to worked, until last night. I smoked some pot in the evening, then as it was good and I was tripping through closed eyes a little bit, I thought it might be a good time to try lucid dreaming (no proof of this, just how I was thinking) I went to bed later on, and lay back and started. After about five minutes, I was seeing armies of the dad from rugrats walking towards me, I tried to focus on these and I felt my eyes start to do REM while I was still awake, but it hurt! then it felt as if I was coming forward from my body, with rushes of like electricity, Ive read that this is normal, after a while of this gettin worse and worse to the point of near unbearableness, I sat back and my room faded back into view, however a lot more blurry and the walls were moving, like a mushroom trip. I got a massive feeling of terror and my heart was beating at an insane rate. this did not go away for several hours, then thats all I remember and I woke up in the morning. (ps in my terrified state I couldnt control anything, and the way things worked was lifelike, as in I couldnt fly but could watch tv, turn lights on and off) still not sure whether I was dreaming or came out of it without dreaming and just had weird vision for some reason. does anyone know what might have happened?

p.s. when I was in the state of whatever it was with the blurry vision, my room did seem smaller, but it might have just been my head playing tricks, and when I closed my eyes it felt like I could change my size in the bed in a weird way, but I couldnt actually do anything cool.

Sounds like you experienced the hypnagogic state between waking and dreaming. The rushes of electricity and armies of dad from Rugrats sound a lot like Hypnagogic imagry and sensations, or dreamlets.
This is actually pretty cool, if you could do this again, you could enter a Lucid Dream directly from the waking state, and have a WILD.

The Rugrat’s dad thing was just good old HI. The vibrations and stuff are normal as well - though they sounded more unpleasant then usual with you. However, those feeling are all actuallt just inside your head - try ignoring them and they should go away.

Your eyes moving wasn’t actually REM. Eye movement durign REM only occurs because your eyes aren’t paralysed - and so your eyes act out the dream (eg. You look left in the dream, your real eyes look left).

I dunno if you entered a dream, or just opened your eyes. A simple way of knowing is… a dream lasts (at longest) an hour. And as it was early in the night (you’d only just gone to sleep) the dream shouldn’t have lasted more than a handful of minutes (say, two minutes maybe).

As for the room feeling smaller - I get that plenty of times (whilst laying awake in bed). It’s odd - kindda like ‘zooming out’. You feel as though your body shouldn’t be able to fit in the room, and that you wouldn’t be able to get through your door.

Oh man legend an army of the moronic inventor Stu Pickles. Did you watch that episode where he made that toy clown the kids were scared of?

I think you definately experienced some sleep paralysis, but you were probably still a bit stoned too, which probably amplified the normal feelings of fear you can experience when you are not used to being in this state. In my opinion marijuana and lucid dreaming do not work very well together as you can become a bit paranoid and even get panic attacks when you experience some of the more unusual sounds and images associated with SP.
A good alternative herb to try is Calea Zacatechichi. This has much less effect on your waking consciousness but works extremely well when you are actually dreaming and will give you very vivid and colourful (and possibly lucid) dreams.

As an afterthought, you mentioned that your experience seemed like a mushroom trip. Cannabis/marijuana has a habit of triggering mushroom/acid flashbacks if you have used either of these things in the not too distant past, especially if you have ever had a bad trip. I’m not sure if this applies to you or not, just thought I’d point it out as I’ve had quite a lot of experience of these things in the past, and I know how they can freak you out.

ive done mushrooms a few times, but it was a few years ago now and ive never had any flashbacks before. I smoke pot regurlarly. I know its not good but what are you gonna do? I also remembered earlier today, in the time when im not sure if it was real or not, I masturbated (sorry!) and it was insanely good, as in better than ive ever experienced sexually, when I… you know… dunno if that has anything to do with anything. straight after this my memory stops until the morning

anyways, ive printed some stuff about WILDS off, as this seems to be closest to what happened to me. im gonna read up, do my reality checks etc, and try again. maybe ill be back with real results at some point. wish me luck!

yeah I saw that rugrats!! haha. sorry about all the posts

REM doesn’t just mean your eyes are following the dream (although partly it can be so perhaps), they seem to be really random rapid eye movements that are not linked to the dreamcontent most of the time. If you want to know where I got this info I can seek out and try to find it, however im too lazy now to produce it.